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Down Under meets the Big Apple in this 1986 flick. Sue Charlton (played by Linda Kozlowski), is a journalist for a New York newspaper, and is romantically involved with her editor, Richard. She travels to Australia to meet Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee (played by Paul Hogan), who runs his own safari business. Sue wants to write about how "Mick" has amazingly survived a crocodile attack.

After the interview, Sue invites Mick to accompany her to New York. He agrees, and from there embarks on a very different kind of adventure than he has ever had in the outback. During his visit, culture clashes create a number of awkward moments for him. Among many other hilarious situations, he tries to dodge the bottom of an escalator; asks an African-American limo driver his tribal background, touches the genitals of a cross-dresser to verify his gender, and washes his clothes in the bath.

Mick and Sue begin to have an obvious connection, which Richard, Sue’s boyfriend and boss, is not happy about. Fueled by jealousy, he asks Sue to marry him at a dinner party. Mick is upset and walks out. When Sue finally finds him, he is in the subway on his way to grand central station. She makes it clear to him that she won’t marry Richard because she instead has feelings for him. Australian born actor Paul Hogan won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Crocodile Dundee, which he actually helped to create and write.

Filming locations for Crocodile Dundee - New York City

On the New York TV & Movie Sites Tour and Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour, you will see the subway stairs at Broadway and 60th St. (Columbus Circle), where Sue runs down into the subway to search for Mick to tell him she loves him at the end of the film.

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