At On Location Tours your safety is our top priority! As NYC begins to reopen, we remain focused on the implementation of strict health and cleanliness guidelines that will keep our customers worry free. Our goal is to have tours up and running again in August. Please check back for any updates.

Not sure when you’ll visit New York City?  You’re in luck! Our gift certificates do not expire and make for an exciting gift opportunity for every movie enthusiast in your life. Please consider supporting On Location Tours with the purchase of a gift certificate, 10% of all proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Check Out This Map of TV Show Homes Across America

Part of the reason why we love TV shows is because in each episode, we feel at home. Returning to familiar homes feels comforting, however far away the residence may be! This awesome map from HomeAdvisor shows you just where exactly all of our favorite TV houses are supposed to be, from classics like Murder,…

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Carolers Surprise an Unsuspecting Group of Tourists!

Picture this. It’s December 15th, a normal Sunday evening at the peak of holiday season, and you’re on the Holiday Lights & Movie Sites Tour in New York City. The tour begins as normal, and you board the bus and start to see sites from your favorite holiday movies- like the apartment that Buddy moves…

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What’s Filming in NYC in January 2020?

It’s a new year, which means new shows and movies being filmed in New York City! Take a look at the full list.   Tommy Starring: Edie Falco Filming: John Jay College, Manhattan Edie Falco from other NYC shows The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie stars as the first female chief of police in the NYPD…

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