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Sex and the City

The Perfect Cosmo Recipe For Sex and The City Fans

sex and the city cosmos

Commonly associated with the hit HBO show Sex and The City, the Cosmo has become a staple in not only the lives of fans of the show but also the Monday-Friday 9-5er. We’ve whipped up the perfect recipe to help you unwind after a long day. Remember…

How well you really know Sex and The City? Test your knowledge with this quiz.


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Sex and the City Tour featured in “The Tastemakers”

On Location Tours is excited and honored to be included in the new book The Tastemakers by David Sax!  Read an excerpt below and discover why cupcakes have become one of America’s trendiest foods. On Location Tours bus parked in the shadow of New York’s Plaza hotel,…

Top 5 NYC Wedding Moments in TV & Film

By Lauren Nicholson Summer wedding season is in full swing!  By now, you’ve probably been to two or three celebrations and have another five lined up from now through September.  Ah yes, love is a beautiful thing, especially when the unity of two people is celebrated in the greatest city of all, New York City! …