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  • Chevron down NYC TV & Movie Sites Tour Reviews
  • Aren de Jong, Google
    Dover, New Hampshire
    Reviewed September 20th, 2018
    Gary was a great tour guide. This tour is done in a single level coach bus with a/c and a washroom at the rear, so it’s pretty comfy. We had 3 or 4 stops to get out and see things. Some shows or movies get omitted, simply due to time constraints, but there’s already so much to see. I wished I had this tour on my first day in NYC to get a better idea of places to go.

    James D., Yelp
    Frisco, Texas
    Reviewed July 27, 2018
    The New York TV and Movie Tour really exceeded our expectations. Roseanne was an awesome tour guide! The bus was comfortable. We loved the movie/TV clips they showed. The three stops were fun!

    Ariana C., Yelp
    Brooklyn, New York
    Reviewed September 28, 2018
    Fun experience. Our guide Garry was funny and entertaining with his comments on locations. In one of our stops I manage to see a a movie shooting with Dev Patel and Catherine Keener. It was just perfect!

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  • Chevron down Gossip Girl Sites Tour Reviews
  • Visit Metropolitan Museum on Gossip Girl Sites Tour with On Location

    Domenica T., Yelp
    Wilton, Connecticut 
    Reviewed September 10, 2018
    If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, this tour will definitely dazzle you! Our tour guide, Maddie, is definitely a true fan and she’ll tell you facts and stories about the show that you probably didn’t know plus, she’s really funny and nice. The tour will take you to all the key places of the show and for about 3 hours you’ll remember all about GG and why you love it. And don’t worry about refreshing your memory and watching the show all over again, in the bus you’ll watch clips from all the scenes that took place in NYC. No doubt, take the tour! -xoxo

    janna08062018, TripAdvisor
    Lynchburg, Virginia
    Reviewed September 21, 2018
    This tour included many of the easily recognized sites from Gossip Girl with numerous photograph opportunities. Huge hit with the teenagers and the adults who had seen Gossip Girl as well as a great way to see some of New York City. Our tour guide Madeline was enthusiastic and fun to interact with.

    l0uisedf, TripAdvisor
    London, United Kingdom
    Reviewed September 21, 2018
    My daughter loved the series and loved this tour. As someone whos never seen the show i still thoroughly enjoyed it. There was enough context and video clips to keep me informed about the relevance of the places pointed out to us. It was nice to stop a few times and be able to get off the coach and see some of the places up close. Our guide Carly was very knowledgeable and lovely.

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  • Chevron down TCM Classic Film Tour Reviews
  • On Location TCM Classic Film Tour Bus

    NYTraveler2018-1, TripAdvisor
    Chicago, Illinois
    Reviewed September 5, 2018
    The next time you are in NY, you must go on the TCM Classic Film Tour of NY. Our tour guide, Jason, was fantastic! He was so very knowledgeable about classic movies and the sites of NY. I get to NY often but Jason told me so many interesting facts about the city I never knew! The way he weaves the classic movies into the sites we were seeing was perfect! Definitely go on this tour and ask to get on Jason’s bus!

    teamrosen1, TripAdvisor
    Brooklyn, New York
    Reviewed August 20, 2018
    It was my third time taking the TCM tour but my Husband’s first – we had a great time! Our guide Sarah was fantastic, fun, funny & informative – she’s perfection! What great NYC day!

    Johnny Zito, Facebook
    Brooklyn, New York
    Reviewed August 18, 2018
    Was on the TCM Classsic Film tour in NYC. Thank you very much for such an amazing experience! Our tour guide, Sarah, was a gem! So much fun! Highly recommend it!

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  • Chevron down Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour Reviews
  • Anne E., Yelp
    Clarksville, Maryland
    Reviewed July 7, 2018
    Super informative and fun! We had a great tour with Dan who took us to some great locations. When we got home we watched one of the movies and saw exactly what he showed us. Highly recommended!

    Kelly O., TripAdvisor
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Reviewed September 23, 2018 
    Mike was great! Entertaining with lots of movie trivia, local recommendations, anecdotes etc – a lot of fun! I’d totally do it again, if back in Boston.

    Tanya T., TripAdvisor
    Brisbane, Australia
    Reviewed September 2, 2018 
    Met up at Boston Common with Dan who was our tour guide. Easy to find him and he checked off everyone before we left. Tour took around 1:30 hours and was a lovely stroll around beautiful Boston. Dan was very practised at what he did. Obviously has done this a few times. Made me want to watch some of the movies he spoke about. Rewatched The Departed on the plane on the way home. Not sure about the biggest rat budget as I only saw the one at the end… Boston features in so many movies but the ones he spoke about were obviously concentrated in the common/Beacon Hill area. We also did the NY movie tour which was on a bus so we could cover more ground. 

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  • Chevron down Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour Reviews
  • 5travellersGatineau, TripAdvisor
    Gatineau, Quebec
    Reviewed September 20, 2018
    We were looking for a good way to visit some of Central Park effectively since it’s sooo big. This sure was a great way! With George as our guide there was no fear of getting lost! The pick up point was easy to find and from there George kept us entertained with locations, pictures and stories from our favourite tv shows and movies. Who knew there was so many filmed in Central Park!! Make sure you have good walking shoes for the 2 hour walk! A camera is a must since the park is really beautiful. Thanks George for a wonderful walk through the park!

    Kaye E., TripAdvisor
    Toowoomba, Australia
    Reviewed September 23, 2018
    This was a great tour of Central Park. Our guide George did a great job, was very prepared and very engaged with all members of the group

    Tarasara, TripAdvisor
    Belfast, United Kingdom
    Reviewed August 14, 2018
    My daughter and I went on Central Park movie tour 14/8/2018. Our tour guide was Kate , who was wonderful, she made the tour lots of fun . We found the tour very interesting and would definitely recommend it. Also we were originally at wrong meeting place around the corner. When I rang on location the girl (forget her name ) stayed on phone with me until we got to correct place , even texting Kate in between to let her know we were nearby . Thought this was very helpful.

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  • Chevron down Sex and The City Hotspots Tour Reviews
  • On Location NYC Tour stop Sex and the City

    Alea E., Yelp
    Austin, Texas
    Reviewed September 13, 2018
    Great tour if you’re obsessed with this show like me. Melissa was our guide and she was super funny and really nice to chat with. It was raining the entire tour but I still had a good time with my mom and the other people on the tour. For $50 you can’t get a better tour of areas such as the meat packing district and downtown in a comfortable bus with a fun tour guide. Perry Street is the cutest little street ever. I can’t wait to come back and take the tour again with my other friends who have seen the show. I recommend this tour to others.

    mreily, TripAdvisor
    Los Angeles, California
    Reviewed July 29, 2018
    We had an excellent time with Alise our tour guide as well as Johnny our awesome driver! Alise had so much fun and energy! The Sex in the City Tour was great and very detailed with all kinds of juicy gossip. So much hard works goes into a good tour and this is it! Absolutely worth your time and money to go on it- especially with Alise and your tourguide!

    Danielle Kasen, Facebook
    Excelsior, Minnesota
    Reviewed August 5, 2018
    Hands down, the highlight of our trip to NY. I can’t say enough good things about Melissa. She makes the tour what it is. Hysterical, and hot too. It was a blast and beyond the show, it’s an amazing way to see NY from the comforts of a beautiful bus and the great driver Jacques. Highly recommend.

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  • Chevron down Holiday Lights & Movie Sights Tour Reviews
  • macys

    Helen S., TripAdvisor
    Delmar, New York
    Reviewed December 11, 2017
    We saw several sights of holiday movies and were dropped off in front of many store windows for first hand viewing. The movie clips entertained us while we drove from location to location. Our tour guide was pleasant and entertaining and kept the tour on time. Would recommend to others.

    JRBoyd78, TripAdvisor
    Toccoa, Georgia
    Reviewed December 4, 2017
    This was a GREAT tour. I would recommend it to anyone going to NYC for the Christmas season. Our tour guide, Dao, was wonderful and very engaging. He was energetic and kept us laughing just about the whole time. I took my daughters (15 & 13) and they enjoyed it as much as I did. I would definitely do another bus tour with On Location the next time I am in NYC.

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  • Chevron down The Super Tour Of NYC Reviews
  • Superhero tour

    TeresaG14, TripAdvisor
    Pontotoc, Mississippi
    Reviewed September 25, 2018
    I love Marvel and DC and every geeky thing inbetween so I loved everything about this tour!. The guide was great and I loved hearing all the behind the scenes facts and seeing areas used in different movies and tv shows. Highly recommended!

    Johanna-Nottm, TripAdvisor
    Santa Clara, California
    Reviewed September 27, 2018
    Me and my daughter found this a fabulous tour. It was our first time in New York and this was the best way to see this beautiful city. My daughter is a massive marvel fan and she couldn’t have asked for a better day :0) Our tour guide, Maria, was absolutely amazing. Thanks for helping us out with our metro card. Definitely recommend this tour and would love to do it again next time we are in New York :0)

    rufluff, TripAdvisor
    Wrexham, United Kingdom
    Reviewed September 5, 2018
    I have given 5 stars for our guide Maria who was fabulous!! She was full of knowledge and really interesting to listen to. She was very pleasant and went out of her way to help us. The tour was great along with the film clips. You cover a large area and pass a lot of sights. I would say that our bus had quite small windows so not easy to see everything. The video player kept switching itself off but Maria coped very well with the situation…it must have been very distracting for her but she was a true pro and carried on. You begin the trip at Midtown Comics which is a great store for fans. You end the trip in Battery Park. I would recommend the tour.

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  • Chevron down Sopranos Sites Tour Reviews
  • On Location NYC Tour stop Sopranos Holstens

    Tealsa B., TripAdvisor
    Perth, Australia
    Reviewed September 29, 2018
    I would rate the Sopranos tour 10/10. Marc was an excellent and enthusiastic guide He kept things lively with behind the scenes information as well as his own stories from being an extra on the set. You get to see many of the places in New Jersey where they filmed the show and it was surreal. I really enjoyed taking this tour, it was my favorite experience from my New York vacation. Highly highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of the Sopranos.Thanks Marc for an incredible tour!

    Jennifer Louise Walker, Facebook
    Liverpool, England
    Reviewed September 13, 2018
    did the sopranos tour and Marc baron was our guide. This man is amazing and really knows his stuff. My partner and I were so impressed by everything he had to tell us about the show and the locations that we went to, from the Bada Bing to Holstons. Can’t recommend enough.

    Sinéad Floody, Facebook
    Dublin, Ireland
    Reviewed July 29, 2018
    Marc Barone was our tour guide for The Sopranos tour. His inside knowledge alone was well worth the money! Now we need to rewatch the series again to see the subtle nuances the director used that we didn’t realize the first time. We also need to watch for Marc because he was in a few episodes. Well worth our time and money to spend on this tour. Video was malfunctioning but it didn’t make a bit of difference!

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  • Chevron down When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour Reviews
  • On Location NYC Tour stop at Tom's Restaurant

    Megan F., Yelp
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    Reviewed August 4, 2018
    Wonderful movie tour for When Harry Met Seinfeld! We enjoyed the 2 hr bus tour in NYC. The guide showed a movie clip of a location such as a scene from “You’ve Got Mail” and then we would drive by the location. With a variety of tv shows and movies it was entertaining and the guide Molly was highly enjoyable. There were a couple stops when we could hop out and take photos of the locale. The diner from Seinfeld, Cafe Lalo from my favorite YGM is a must see and taste for their pastries!! The tour tickets are about $36 each person if you but online ahead of time. The money was worth it for the enjoyment!!

    aemb770407, TripAdvisor
    New York, New York
    Reviewed September 29, 2018
    We had a blast on this tour. Molly was so entertaining. So many great movie/tv spots!!! Seinfeld fans need to go on this tour.

    Tiasny, TripAdvisor
    Remagen, Germany
    Reviewed September 26, 2018
    We did the When Harry met Seinfeld Tour and it was very nice to see all the spots from Seinfeld, When Harry met Sally and other Movies filmed in New York City. The Guide took pictures for us. And showed us the parts on dvd. We saw spots we have never been before and had a lot of fun. And the soup from the original soupman is very good. You should try it.

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