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Quick Details

4 - 22 Passengers Pricing shown is per ticket
3 Person Minimum

This Is Us Sites Tour by On Location Tours

  • Grab a drink at the bowling alley where Randall and Deja had their disastrous bowling date in Season 2
  • Stop in at the diner where Randall goes to get a Blueberry pie but instead meets up with Reverend Hawley and receives life-changing advice
  • See the Pearson’s doomed family home that burned down in season two
  • Go to the restaurant where Beth and Randall have their very awkward first date
  • Check out the restaurant where Kevin and Zoe meet her mysterious ex and convince him to give them Nicky’s records
  • See the campaign headquarters where Randall ran for City Council
  • Stop into the church where Randall goes to mass
  • Visit the record store where “teen Kate” gets a job…and a boyfriend
  • Go to the bar where Jack and Nicky end up when they bail on Thanksgiving and Nicky wins a boatload of money betting on football
  • See the home where Rebecca lives with Miguel in her later years
  • Get a glimpse of Toby’s home
  • Visit the circa 1914 house where Kevin bribed a classmate to hold Kate’s hand
  • Visit the coffee shop where Toby did his “Flashdance homage” Swork
  • See the Salon where Kevin worked as a shampoo guy before getting his big acting break