Association of Tours for TV & Movies

If You Film It, They Will Come.

The Association of Tours for TV and Movies (ATTAM) is a worldwide association to represent companies around the globe that run TV and movie tours.

ATTAM is an umbrella organization that functions as a cross-promotional network where members can partner, work through common marketing issues and expand upon promotional opportunities.

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What We Do:
  • ATTAM provides a united front with which to approach movie studios.
  • ATTAM members will receive focused representation at trade shows along with increased exposure to the media.
  • ATTAM will be the first internationally recognized group representation for this growing sector of the tourism industry.
  • There is no fee to join ATTAM and no membership dues.
How to Join:
  • Please submit your information via the form at the bottom of the page. We will contact you with a confirmation e-mail regarding whether or not you’ve been accepted for ATTAM membership.
  • If you have been accepted as an ATTAM member, you will need to set up a link on your website linking to this page:
Current ATTAM Members:

ATTAM Membership

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