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Join us via Zoom and Kahoot for our live virtual trivia nights hosted by our tour guides where your knowledge of critically acclaimed series including F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Seinfeld, Sex & the City, Gossip Girl, TCM, Golden Girls, General TV/Movie and more will be thoroughly tested!

Do you recall which Friend had a nose job in college, or what Chandler’s job is? Do you remember the name of the famous diner in Seinfeld, or what Mr. Big’s real name is? Bet you can’t recollect which actress voiced the notorious Gossip Girl, or which two Golden Girls are related. The top two players each trivia night will have the chance to compete against each other for a prize in our speedy lightning round!

International times are available for those living outside the US. Each night’s topic is noted on the calendar, so be sure to book the right night for your favorite show. Private trivia nights are available upon request. Please email Erin at [email protected] for more info.