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Christmas in the Big Apple

Happy Holidays from the iconic location of many heartwarming and nostalgic movies! Join us this winter on our Holiday Lights and Movie Sites Tour and get immersed in NYC during the beautiful holiday season. Stroll by Bloomingdales and Macys, wrapped in lights and featured in some of our favorite Christmas movie scenes; enjoy the jaw-dropping tree in Rockefeller Center as featured in Home Alone 2; see the apartment building featured in the humorous Christmas movie Elf, and more! The public or private vehicle tour is fit for all ages. Spend time together as a family or get your closest friends together and see how New York City sparkles during the holiday season!

Boo! Welcome to the Spooky Side of NYC

Are you a fan of horror movies and thrillers? You’ve come to the right place! Join us on our Private NYC Horror Movie Location Tour this fall and see locations in the Upper West Side that were featured in an array of horror films and psychological thrillers! Any horror junkie will be thrilled to see these teeth chattering locations: from the gothic apartment building in Rosemary’s Baby, to the eerie arch in Central Park featured in Cloverfield, to Tavern on the Green, as seen in Ghostbusters! Ghouls of all ages are welcome on this 1.5-hour walking tour. Always do a double take, you never know what haunts you might see! NYC Holiday lights and movie sites.

Gossip Girl Here! Your one and only source into the most elite NYC locations.

Want to live out your greatest Upper East Side fantasy?  Style yourself like the iconic Blair Waldorf and explore the streets like the it-girl Serena van der Woodsen for our Gossip Girl Sites Tour! Join us on this 3-hour tour of Upper Manhattan and spot infamous Gossip Girl locations. Get spotted at the Met steps, visit Blair’s favorite bakery for macarons, step inside the infamous Empire Hotel, and embrace your inner socialite! The Gossip Girl Sites Tour is perfect for Gossip Girl-obsessed fans. Whether you’re Team Blair or Team Serena, or Team Chuck or Team Nate, this vehicle tour will immerse you in the fictional lifestyles of all of these characters. Grab your friends and enjoy feeling like the Queen of Constance! (Ages 9+)

And Just Like That… Live a Day in the Life of Carrie Bradshaw!

Immerse yourself in the iconic streets where we all fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw! The Sex and the City Hotspots Tour includes more than 40 locations that you can shop, drink and dine at that were featured in the series and the movies. Do some window shopping at Marc Jacobs, have a cosmopolitan, try a cupcake, and more! On this tour, everyone will get the chance to feel like they’re in Sex in the City — which turns 25 this year! Get those cameras ready! This tour is perfect for locals, New Yorkers, and those obsessed with the show. The tour is 3.5 hours and only for those aged 18 and older. Get your best gal pals together for a private or public tour, because like Carrie Bradshaw says: “Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.”

Sandwiches, Pizza, and Foodies… Oh My! Follow in the footsteps of characters from ‘The Bear’ on their foodie adventures

Cruise into the Windy City and get ready for the Downtown Chicago TV & Movie Sites Tour! On this tour, you’ll see iconic stops and filming locations from nostalgic Chicago-based films. Get the chance to see Bruce Wayne’s Penthouse from The Dark Knight, experience the L train like characters in The Fugitive and High Fidelity, visit the iconic Mr. Beef, as seen in The Bear; and so much more! There are plenty of spots for amazing photos. The tour is two-hours long — just make sure to dress for the weather and season, as the tour runs rain or shine! The Downtown Chicago TV and Movie Sites Tour is the perfect sightseeing tour, but it’s also great for locals and Ultimate Chicago lovers! This is also a great tour to include the little ones, as all ages are invited. Both public and private tours are available. To celebrate Season 2…

Calling all Insiders, Upper East Siders and Fashionistas!

Here’s the latest insider news from the best ghostwriter you know! Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live like “it-girl” Serena van der Woodsen, or style yourself like the iconic Blair Waldorf? Our Gossip Girl Sites Tour is perfect for all fans, fashionistas, and gossipers! You’ll explore some of the most luxurious spots in the Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan. And just like Luna La, we make sure to keep up with trends even if we’re not the ones making them, meaning you’ll also spot locations used in the reboot as well! If you happen to crave a sweet, why don’t you consider Ladurée? Their macaroons are to die for! Or grab your books as you head off to the City of Museum of New York, also known as Constance Billard & St. Jude’s schools in…

Live out your superhero dreams (through our Super Tour of NYC!)

Get ready to swing in and save the day on our Super Tour of NYC! This one’s for every comic book and movie nerd. We don’t care about the age-old DC versus Marvel debate; we love all heroes equally. Through our super tour, you’ll get to visit some of the most iconic and memorable locations in New York City and superhero films alike! Enjoy the life of a hero with the comfort of a civilian regardless of the season through our indoor bus. Visit over 30 locations as seen in countless of your favorite heroic movies! Our tour features highlights from Batman, Superman, The Avengers, Spider-Man, and more. You’ll learn what Uncle Ben meant about great responsibility and even get to see where the “Spider Menace” once lived. You’ll fly by evil lairs and battle foes on the same steps…

This is how you get the Rabbi!

Immerse yourself and re-imagine New York City as if you were in the 1950s. This one is for all you vintage and comedy fans! Our Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Sites Tour takes you across town to visit some of the most celebrated locations as seen through the hit original series. Get ready to laugh your head off as a tour guide jokes, quizzes, and informs you all about this iconic show. What better way is there to prepare for the show’s final season? You’ll sip coffee at Cafe Reggio, stroll through Washington State Park, and play some of your favorite tunes at The Music Inn. The best part is this tour offers both public and private tour options! It truly feels like taking a step back in time. Last chance! Use our code OLTWINTER10 to receive a special discount on tours…

The Perfect Girlfriend Getaway Doesn’t Exi— It Does Now!

Calling all fashionistas, bachelorettes, and fans of Sex and the City! Our Sex and the City Hotspots Tour is the perfect girlfriends’ getaway to visit some of New York’s hidden gems. Our tour features over 40 locations that will have you enjoying drinks and dinner at some of the city’s most iconic places, and you’ll get exclusive access to special discounts! Enjoy the ride in a comfortable bus while a guide— who’s a local NYC actress— quizzes you on behind-the-scenes trivia. Make sure you have your cameras ready! Our tour guide makes sure to stop at certain locations to make sure you get the best picture possible. One of our most iconic stops is SJP Shoes, owned by Sarah Jessica Parker. You never know who you might run into so make sure to keep an eye out! You do not…

See the Most Filmed Park in the World like Never Before

Stroll through Central Park while reminiscing about some of your favorite movies! Our Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour guides you through the most filmed park in the world while highlighting over 30 locations used in TV shows and movies. Our two-hour walking tour is a perfect excursion for all weather; Central Park’s beauty remains unparalleled regardless of the season. Just make sure to dress for the weather. You’ll get to stroll through Bethesda Terrace as seen in Avengers and Elf, feed pigeons where Kevin did in Home Alone 2, and so much more. And don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time for pictures! The Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour is perfect as a general sightseeing tour but also great for locals wanting to see their beloved park through a different lens. It’s a perfect family outing…

Visit Your Favorite Ghostbusters, Friends, and Avengers on our NYC TV & Movie Tour!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to visit iconic film location spots in NYC on your own. Our NYC TV & Movie Bus Tour does just that— minus the stress! This tour creates a perfect balance between your favorite TV shows and movies for a best-of-both-worlds experience! See what makes this city great and trendy by visiting over 60 NYC locations from the comfort of a bus with AC and heat to keep you comfortable regardless of the season. You’ll visit sites like the iconic Friends apartment, the Ghostbusters firehouse, and the inspiration behind MacLaren’s from How I Met Your Mother. The best part is that this tour is great for all ages, making it the perfect addition to your family vacation. And don’t worry about blurry pictures while on the road. You’ll get the chance to stop and…

Celebrate the Month of Love with our Private NYC Rom Com Movie Sites Tour!

‘Tis finally the season to feel the love! Are you a lover of romantic comedies? Or do you know someone who fits the description? Then keep reading to find the best way to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. With On Location Tours, you’ll be able to receive an exclusive Private NYC Rom-Com Movie Sites Tour. Get to visit some of the most romantic locations in New York City while reliving your favorite rom-com moments. Want a snack? Pass by Zabar’s for some baked goods just like in Manhattan. Feeling a little parched? Have some frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity as seen on Serendipity! Whether you’re trying to celebrate with your closest friends, lovers, or even family, this tour is perfect to celebrate the loving holiday of Valentine’s Day! But don’t worry if you have prior plans and still don’t want…