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Get ready to don your Manalo Blahniks and hit the town like Carrie and co!

In this guide, we’ll reveal what it’s like to spend time at the sexiest, swankiest spots from SATC where you can sip on a cosmo, brunch with the best of ‘em, and shop up a storm with your girls or your very own Mr Big. We’ll tell you all about:

  • Drinking at Onieals
  • Dining at Buddakan
  • Indulging in treats at Magnolia Bakery
  • Shopping in Greenwich Village
  • Seeing the sex shop in the West Village
  • Stepping into Carrie’s shoes at the SJP Shoe Store
  • Spotting Carrie’s famous brownstone stoop
  • Soaking up the sun (or snow!) in Central Park
  • Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re a SATC disciple or someone who appreciates the finer, more fashionable things in life, touring this iconic show’s most beloved hotspots is an unmissable experience.

1. Drinking at ONieals

ONieals in Soho is easily one of the most renowned and iconic SATC locations in the city that never sleeps. In the show’s universe, this snazzy bar is known as “Scout,” named after Steve’s dog, and is located on Mulberry Street. But in the real world, it goes by ONieals and is found on 174 Grand Street.

Just across the road from what was once a police station (and is now rumored to be Leonardo Di Caprio and Tommy Hilfiger’s after-hours crash pad), ONieals is a core piece of SATC history and a great place to sling back Carrie’s Cosmos. They also have a great wine list and plenty of craft beers to try out.

2. Dining at Buddakan

Die-hard Sex and the City fans will instantly recognize this stylish restaurant and bar as the place where Carrie and Mr Big held their ill-fated wedding rehearsal dinner.

Buddakan is a glorious, multi-story fine dining and socialite bar renowned for its stunning architecture and bold, snazzy cocktail menu.

Each room at Buddakan has a unique style, making the different stories feel like stepping into a new world. The environment is sexy, modern, and full of SATC memories, making it a perfect place to stop on your grand tour of the show’s most beloved hotspots.

3. Seeing the sex shop in the West Village

The Pleasure Chest in West Village is where Charlotte bought her first rabbit vibrator – but the shop now stocks a much wider range of exciting and amusing adult toys. Stop by this legendary sex shop to find out why Charlotte was such a convert, or simply have a giggle with your friends.

4. Indulging in treats at Magnolia Bakery

SATC is filled with memorable foodie moments, and many of them happen at the one and only Magnolia Bakery. This is the place where Carrie first admits to Miranda that she has a crush on Aiden.

Magnolia’s cupcakes are award-winning and have rave reviews from sweet-toothed customers worldwide. The fact that it is so closely linked to SATC makes the cakes even more satisfying. If cake is not your thing, Magnolia Bakery has plenty of other treats to tuck into.

5. Shopping in Greenwich Village

Shopping is one activity that all of the SATC girls can agree on – and Greenwich Village is a prime spot to do it. One of Manhattan’s most popular and dynamic shopping spots, Greenwich Village is filled with all sorts of boutiques and stores, including ones that sell clothes, shoes, food, accessories, and more.

Incorporating a walkabout through Greenwich Village, Manhattan, is a fun way to walk a mile in the girls’ shoes and experience what was a regular outing for the fashionable four.

6. Stepping into Carrie’s shoes at the SJP Shoe Store

If you collect film and show merchandise, you’ll need a souvenir from your trip. Shoes are the way to Carrie’s heart, so it’s no surprise that an SJP store dedicated solely to them has been erected in her honor. Owned by Queen SJP herself, this shoe store is everything that wide-eyed Carrie Bradshaw would have dreamed of – and now everyone can share in her passion for exquisite footwear.

7. Spotting Carrie’s famous brownstone stoop

Carrie and the girls spent many nights on the famous stoop on the corner of Perry Street and Bleecker Street. Tears, laughter, fights, pensive moments, and a few heart-melting kisses – this famous brownstone stoop has truly seen it all. And now it can see you, too!

The best part about stopping by this beautiful hotspot is that it is just around the corner from Magnolia Bakery, making it a great place to soak up some quintessential SATC energy.

8. Soaking up the sun (or snow!) in Central Park

Central Park has been used as the backdrop to countless movies and television shows over the years – and SATC is one of them. The famous park makes appearances throughout the series as somewhere for the girls to walk about, chat about their problems, and bond. It’s not too late to join them!

9. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Keen SATC fans will instantly recognize Brooklyn Bridge as the place where Miranda and Steve reunite and decide to rekindle their love. This tear-jerking scene plays a formative role in Miranda’s character arc and is definitely an important place to stop on a SATC tour.

On this tour, you can cross the Brooklyn Bridge just like Miranda and Steve did on the journey to each other they never looked back from (well…until the re-boot). And just like that, your Sex and the City experience with On Location Tours is complete!

Live The SATC NYC Dream

Sex and the City may have been a fictional television show, but the places it was filmed at are very real—and more than happy to help fans relive iconic moments through visiting in their own time.

Tuck into the treats that your favorite four girls used to soothe their heartaches, strut around in a beloved shoe boutique, and soak up this special city’s fabulously fun and romantic energy.

Whether you are saucy like Samantha, prim like Charlotte, ambitious like Miranda, or free-spirited like Carrie, visiting these legendary locations is an experience you’ll never forget.

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