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Quick Details

Private Vehicle Tour Approx. 2hr | Min of 3 | Per person
Private Walking Tour (Groups of 2) Approx. 2.5hrs | Per person
Private Walking Tour (Groups of 3)+ Approx. 2.5hrs | Per person
Self-Guided Walking Tour Approx. 2hrs | Device
Walk the streets of New York City and find yourself in the crime scenes of the Law & Order franchise!

We are excited to guide you through our curated self-guided tour featuring locations from Law & Order SVU.

What Will You See On This Tour?

  • Pass by the 16th Precinct, a prominent building used several times throughout the series
  • Visit St. Andrew’s Plaza, home of the “best weenies in New York” according to Finn and Elliot from SVU
  • Have a bite at the Square Diner, where Benson and Stabler like to grub
  • Stop by for a photo-op at the Franklin Street subway station
  • See the break-up spot between Benson and Cassidy
  • …And more!