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Welcome, fabulous readers!

Here at On Location Tours, we are SATC fanatics! Now that Netflix is giving the show the attention it will always deserve, we are curious to know what character you resonate most with.

If you have a passion for fashion, New York City, and cosmopolitans, then you have a little bit of Sex and the City in you! The iconic show captured the hearts of millions with its fabulous outfits, glamorous lifestyle, and unforgettable characters. We brought that show right to you with our famous Sex And The City Hotspots Tour in NYC! Grab your girlfriends, dress the part, and be escorted around thrilling NYC to the locations you see in the show!

But before you take this tour we have to know which SATC character best represents you? (you know… so you can embody this experience to the max!)

Carrie Bradshaw: This fashion-forward columnist has a myriad of personality traits that contribute to her charming character. Carrie is fiercely independent, confident, curious about life and love, fashion forward and not scared to take a fashion risk, romantic, impeccably witty, adventurous, and can be empathetic and vulnerable when needed. Carrie is the woman we all aspire to be!

Samantha Jones: The bold, unapologetically confident PR maven who exudes power and charm. We all know a Samantha in our lives and that may be you! She explodes with confidence, she is outspoken and sexually liberated. She is independent, empowering, and extremely loyal to her friends. She can be sassy, sarcastic, and adventurous! Samantha embodies the friend that will always be the life of the party!

Charlotte York: The hopeless romantic with a heart of gold and a taste for the finer things in life. This is the “mom” of the group, but she has more to her than traditional values. Charlotte is optimistic about life. She is sensitive and nurturing with how she treats her friendships and determined to always bring a soft side. She can be very self critical which can make her doubt her confidence more than her friends. Charlotte is the friend we all need!

Miranda Hobbes: Last but not least! The practical and intelligent lawyer who balances career and motherhood like a boss. Miranda is very independent, ambitious, and pragmatic about life. She can come off as sarcastic and cynical in situations due to her intelligence. She can be vulnerable and is intensely loyal. Miranda is a realist and an empowered advocate for movements such as women’s rights. Miranda is the person we want to be! She knows who she is and is not afraid to speak that.

Up Close With SATC

Now that you have identified your inner SATC character, what better way to dive into that persona than to dress up and spend a day being that character?

On Location Tours is proud to present our famously popular Sex And The City Hotspots Tour.

On this tour, you will go on location and shop, drink, and gossip at real NYC locations. This tour includes more than 40 locations featured in the Sex and the City series and the movies, a journey that will have you wine-ing and dining at fashionable places all over New York City.

You’ll enjoy all of it from the comfort of an indoor bus with AC in the summer and heat in the winter. Throughout the tour, your tour guide, a local NYC actress, will quiz you on behind-the-scenes location trivia and give the hot scoop on fun facts and filming secrets at local NYC bars, restaurants, bakeries, and more. In addition to seeing the sites, you’ll also have exclusive access to special discounts.

So whether you’re in the city looking for a job, a boyfriend, or maybe even an apartment, we can at least promise…a drink along the way.

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