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Part of the reason why we love TV shows is because in each episode, we feel at home. Returning to familiar homes feels comforting, however far away the residence may be! This awesome map from HomeAdvisor shows you just where exactly all of our favorite TV houses are supposed to be, from classics like Murder, She Wrote to modern favorites like Big Little Lies. Click the map below for a close-up and a detailed breakdown.

While TV shows can take place anywhere in the world, the filming locations for these tends to be a little more concentrated. For example, a common misconception is that the hit sitcom Friends was filmed in New York. While the show takes place in New York City and depicts six friends living their young adult lives in the city that never sleeps, most of the show was actually shot in Los Angeles, California in a studio! However, the exterior establishing shots were filmed in New York, so if you want to see Monica’s iconic rent stabilized apartment, you can get a picture with the building on the NYC TV & Movie Sites Tour. Other shows that are filmed in LA but take place in completely different cities? On the map, you’ll see the house from This Is Us in a suburb outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when in reality the bulk of the series is recorded in Los Angeles. Same thing with Golden Girls, which is supposed to take place in Miami, Florida. And the teen drama Riverdale takes place in upstate New York, but the Cooper Residence along with other filming locations from the series is actually up in Canada.

Other TV shows take place in completely made-up towns! Some examples are Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives, which is in an unspecified “Eagle State,” or the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana in Parks and Recreation. Both of these TV shows are actually recorded in, you guessed it, California. The Handmaid’s Tale, which takes place in a creepy authoritarian future America called Gilead, is supposed to take place somewhere in the New England area. But like Riverdale, it’s also filmed in Canada.

However, there is some hope that not all TV shows have completely unrealistic settings! Some of the homes on this map, while the addresses may be slightly altered, are actually residences in the real cities that the series take place in. Breaking Bad takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is exactly where Walter White’s residence is located in real life. Modern Family, set primarily in three homes across Los Angeles, is truly filmed there. You’ll see the Dunphy residence on the map out in LA. One of our favorites, The Sopranos, takes place in Caldwell, New Jersey (aka SopranoLand!) and this is where Tony Soprano’s household is really located. The Sopranos Sites Tour takes you from New York City to New Jersey and back, and although it can’t stop at the house due to it being a private residence, it takes you to over 40 other locations from the show including the original Bada Bing club and the diner from the very last scene of the series.

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