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By Anjuli Johnson

I just happened to be watching The Mysteries of Laura a few weeks ago when suddenly I realized, “Hey, I know her!”

That’s right. Our very own On Location Tours guide, Sarah Louise Lilley (Sex and the City Hotspots and TCM Classic Film Tour), was in episode 21, “The Mystery of the Deceased Documentarian,” as Liane Skinner, the wife of the guy who may or may not be the killer.

Sarah says she was “thrilled” to work on the show, which she thinks is “smart, funny, and unique.” As a mother and a fan of strong female roles on television, she appreciates “the honesty and humor in Laura’s juggling act” [between family and career]. She also notes that several of the writers are working moms, which she thinks gives the show “a real authenticity.”

Sarah’s scenes were shot over the course of two days at Silvercup Studios and outside on a nearby street. She says the set was “relaxed” and that “everything went very quickly with only one or two takes.” Everyone on set was “incredibly friendly and welcoming.” She declares Debra Messing “masterful,” and says she “learned so much from her just watching her for a few minutes.”

Watch Sarah in “The Mystery of the Deceased Documentarian” below:

Sarah Louise Lilley in NBC’s THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA from Sarah Louise Lilley on Vimeo.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of Sarah with The Mysteries of Laura stars Max Jenkins and Meg Steedle, who she says were “fun and playful.”

The OLT excitement doesn’t end there. Another of our tour guides, Elyse Brandau (NYC TV & Movie Tour and Sex and the City Hotspots), was also on The Mysteries of Laura earlier this year! She played a TV news reporter in episode 12, “The Mystery of the Fateful Fire,” which aired in January.

Elyse shows up a couple times in the episode. Her character reports from downtown, interviewing the possible culprit. She enjoyed collaborating with everyone on the team, and says the overall experience was “exciting” and “fast.”

Elyse’s scene was filmed outside Silvercup Studios near a loud highway (they ended up re-recording some of the dialogue to improve the audio quality). While the job required a lot of waiting around, she says that filming actual takes was “an adrenaline rush.”

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA -- "The Mystery of the Fateful Fire" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Max Jenkins as Max Carnegie, Elyse Brandau as reporter -- (Photo by: Nicole Rivelli/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Elyse Brandau as reporter

Catch these funny, fabulous ladies in action on our tours, and perhaps on a TV or computer screen near you. You can follow them on Twitter @SarahLLilley and @ElyseBrandau. And make sure to catch up on The Mysteries of Laura before the second season begins this fall on NBC!

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