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Did somebody say insider insights and stylish New York streets? We at On Location Tours are! Attention Sex & The City lovers, it’s the 20th anniversary of the iconic series! 

🌸 Spring has sprung and summer is well on it’s way! What better way to embrace the vibrant energy of New York City than by celebrating with our Sex and the City Hotspots bus tour! 🍸👠 Get ready to indulge in a 3.5-hour journey through the glitz and glamour of Manhattan, all while soaking up the sun and sipping on cosmopolitans!

Hop aboard our luxurious indoor bus with AC to keep you cool during the summer heat. As you cruise through the bustling streets, you’ll be transported to over 40 iconic locations straight out of the fashion-forward series and movies. 🎬🏙️

But this isn’t just any ordinary tour—prepare to be pampered like a true VIP! 💅 Your tour guide, a local NYC actress bursting with charisma, will regale you with juicy behind-the-scenes trivia and spill all the tea on filming secrets. 🤫 From chic bars to trendy boutiques, every stop is an opportunity to shop, drink, and gossip just like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte!

And the perks don’t end there—exclusive discounts await you at select locations, ensuring that you’ll not only have a fabulous time but also snag some sweet deals along the way. 

So whether you’re on the hunt for love, career opportunities, or simply seeking some summer excitement in the city, our Sex and the City Hotspots tour guarantees an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, libations, and lifelong memories. 🌆🥂 Don’t miss out on the ultimate NYC experience—book your tickets now! Please note: This is a bus tour, not a pedicab tour. But fear not, we do make pit stops for those Instagram-worthy photo-ops! 📸

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