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From 18th street to 67th street, the Friends Virtual Sites Tour gives you a broad-ranging excursion around some of “Friends” most iconic NYC sites as seen on the show. Kicking it off at the American Museum of Natural History, mimicking the New York Museum of Prehistoric History which Ross worked at, will give the inside scoop to Geller’s specific moments as a paleontologist. Following the museum, you will experience fine dining at Cafe des Artistes, similar to the restaurant Iridium, where Monica was poorly paid in the show. Along the tour, there will be a stop at Chandler’s office building (71st tallest building in NYC), New York University (destination where Ross’s student asks him out), and Phoebe’s apartment. Do not worry, because the Friends apartment will make an appearance during the tour, and yes, it may seem surreal to be first-hand viewing where all the magic of Friends was established. If all of this wasn’t enough, Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment may or may not be a part of the tour as well. Make sure your computer is charged up and ready to go, because you’re not going to want to miss the fun facts towards the end; typically unknown information regarding the logistics and cast is revealed. Only a portion of the destinations have been revealed on this post – sign up for a tour to find out the rest of the landmarks that will be shown representing our favorite group of people, Friends!

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