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The NYC Rom Com Movie Tour
Written by: Leah Kellert, Intern with On Location Tours

I don’t know about you, but I’m a HUGE Rom Com fan. The genre of Rom Coms is home to some of my personal favorite movies, so the fact that On Location Tours has a Rom Com Movie Tour is so exciting! The tour features iconic sites around New York City from over 10 movies. On the tour, we will visit Central Park where you will be able to get a peek at Bow Bridge, featured in Maid of Honor; along with Loeb Boathouse, featured in When Harry Met Sally, 27 Dresses, Little Manhattan, and Date Night. Along the way, we will view the Empire State Building, which is recognized for its scene in Sleepless in Seattle. For a treat during the tour, we will stop at Serendipity (home to some of the most delicious frozen hot chocolate I, personally, have ever had), featured in the movie Serendipity. We will also visit the world-famous Lincoln Center, which is featured in Moonstruck. These are only a few of the sites we will visit on the tour, so grab some friends, a Valentine, or use this experience in the form of one of our gift cards for someone you care about, and check out the other Rom Com movie locations that are seen on this tour!

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