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The following is a guest post from Pair one of these vacation rentals with the Sex and the City Hotspots Tour.

It’s hard to believe, but “Sex and the City” turns 21 this year and we couldn’t help but wonder . . . which New York City vacation rental would Carrie Bradshaw choose? To help answer that question, has chosen these “8 New York Vacation Rentals We Can Totally See Carrie Bradshaw Staying In!” From properties that pay tribute to Carrie’s quirky, playful style, to others that offer perfect writing spaces from which to pen her famous column, we can easily see her in any one of these fabulous spaces.

  1. Carrie Does Millennium Chic – approx. $150 – $200 a night*

We’d like to think that if Carrie Bradshaw were around now, this is pretty much what her apartment would look like. Clean lines, natural fibers and textures, open shelving, and about as on-trend as it gets, this Brooklyn brownstone would be the perfect place for her to write and have the girls over for whatever it is they would be drinking now (they stopped drinking cosmos, remember?).

With just one bedroom, she and Mr. Big could have some very romantic nights here and we can easily see every shelter mag in town clamoring for a feature on Carrie and her updated digs. Not all of her past was left behind, however. If you look closely, you can see a mid-century modern chair that’s very similar to the original chairs in her apartment. It will come as no surprise that this space is super popular, especially since it’s the site of a lot of photo shoots, so book quickly before it goes!

  1. The Writer, the Fish, and the Wardrobe – approx. $250 – $265 a night

Who but Carrie would have no less than four dress mannequins in a studio apartment? This picture-perfect, rustic chic loft in Brooklyn is full of original art (probably bought at one of those gallery openings she was always attending), hand-made furniture (thank you, Aiden!) and a giant fish tank (not sure where that would have come from but it’s really cool!).

The kitchen here may be small (Carrie was never much of a cook anyway—why bake when you can just pick up cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery?), but the storage space for clothing is huge—that wardrobe is like something out of The Chronicles of Narnia! And as long as you’ve got the room, why not shop all the independent boutiques on Grand Street? We think it’s what Carrie would want you to do.

  1. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Tiffany’s – approx. $959 – $1,164

If this isn’t just exactly where a “grown up” Carrie would live, we don’t know where that would be. It has all the updated hallmarks of her style: pops of color, a little mid-century vibe, and even a giant photo of the New York City skyline in the dining room. There’s also a perfect little writing space, a washer and dryer so she can always look her best, and yes, even a big, empty closet complete with shelving for shoes.

With all the major amenities like Alexa, a flat screen TV, and even a small terrace, this 1850s townhouse also has something we know Carrie would have loved: three Tiffany fireplaces! And, it’s in the Murray Hill area of the city, putting her in a perfect location to attend parties both uptown and down!

  1. Movin’ On Up! – approx. $459 a night

Working on the assumption that by now Carrie has sold a few books and maybe even hosted her own talk show (we can dream, can’t we?), there’s probably a little more money in the bank and so she’s made the move to a swank, four-bedroom apartment no doubt decorated by one of her fabulous decorator friends.

While she may have no clue what to do in the enormous kitchen, she’ll certainly have enough friends to occupy the seven beds here. Located right in mid-town, this will put her in close proximity to Gucci, Pucci, Tiffany’s, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and that Mecca of shopping, Bergdorf Goodman. Most importantly, she’ll be within walking distance of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology where we predict Carrie will someday have her own retrospective.

  1. Classic Brownstone – approx. $1,664 – $2,226 a night

Here’s how chic this place is: Lady Gaga once rented it so she could focus on her writing. Located just a short walk (or long, if you’re wearing stilettos which Carrie probably is) from the Meatpacking District, a neighborhood the show made super famous, this five-bedroom, West Village townhouse features pool tables, original fireplaces, and a stunner of a garden. It also has hi-speed Internet, great for filing those relationship columns!

As an art lover, Carrie would love how close it is to the new Whitney Museum and as a fashion lover, she would how close the DVF boutique is, not to mention some of the city’s chicest thrift shops like Housing Works on 10th street. We can just imagine her walking up the nearby High Line on a warm summer night, arm and arm with Mr. Big and maybe even a little one by now!

  1. Park Avenue Perfection – approx. $454 – $936 a night

Just like Carrie, this four-bedroom Airbnb is sunny, colorful, and totally chic. Sleeping up to nine people, this rental is perfect for a bachelorette party or just an overnight in the city with friends. With plenty of closet space, this apartment also has a washer/dryer which is fairly unusual in New York apartments. There’s also a lovely outdoor space, perfect for relaxing after a long day of hitting the boutiques and museum going.

We can just imagine Carrie starting off her day here by hopping over to Park Avenue for a coffee at Saint Ambroeus, walking over to the Museum of Modern Art to take in a show, grabbing a street pretzel near Central Park, checking out the windows at Barney’s and then hopping back east for dinner at Naya. There are also plenty of little writing desks, perfect for writing that column when late-night inspiration strikes!

2. A Swingin’ Time! approx. $80 – $90 a night


Looking at the rope swing in the living room of this vacation rental, it’s hard to imagine Carrie living in a place without one! Perfect for Carrie’s creative, inventive, silly side, we like to think that this funky one-bedroom loft in Brooklyn is where she might have moved to be closer to her bestie, Miranda.

Named the “Cutest Airbnb in Brooklyn” by Time Out, this place has some truly iconic New York design elements like exposed brick, hardwood floors and high, high ceilings complete with stunning beams. Not surprisingly, this rental doubles as a photo studio, perfect for when Carrie needs to take a headshot for her new book (“Sex and the Vacation Rental,” perhaps?). The only thing she might not like is the “no shoes” rule (remember how she reacted when asked to take her shoes off at that baby shower hosted by Tatum O’Neal???) but hopefully the sheer charm of this place will be enough to distract her!

  1. Carrie Goes Modern – approx. $350 a night

Tell us the chairs and sofa here don’t look just like Carrie’s old furniture but reupholstered? It fact, it almost looks to us as if she just reconfigured the apartment and added a few little touches like those super-modern and highly enviable sliding doors and those remarkable windows. And with that fabulous open dining room, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte might ditch the diner and just eat here from now on.

Smack dab in the East Village, this place is just a short walk away from the New Museum, the International Center of Photography Museum, and the famed Gagosian Gallery. There’s also no end of interesting shops and restaurants in the area like local legend Veselka which serves some of the best Ukrainian food in the city and which is open 24/7 so you can always grab a bite no matter how late the party goes or Veniero’s bakery where the line is literally out the door during the holidays. Perhaps most importantly, it’s just five minutes from the nearest subway stop so our girl about town can be anywhere in just a matter of minutes!


The Local Vibe helps travelers find the best vacation rental properties from sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway by carefully curating options according to interest and then supplementing them with entertaining local tips about what to see, do, and eat. Whatever the reason for your trip and wherever you’re going, we’re striving to find the perfect rental property for you.

*Please note that as rates vary from season to season, all figures listed here are approximate.

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