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In honor of Mothers Day and these amazing TV moms, here’s a gift for the lovely ladies in your life from all of us at On Location Tours, Use Promo Code Mom2017 to save 50% on Sex and the City Hotspots Tour, NYC TV and Movie Tour, Gossip Girl Sites Tour, and Gift Certificates) Offer expires Sunday May 14th at 11:59 pm

From all the life lessons to the all out hilarious moments, we count down our Top TV Moms.

  • Estelle Constanza

    Who could forget the classic line  “I go out for a quart of milk, I come home, and find my son treating his body like it was an amusement park.” If you’re a Seinfeld fan don’t miss our When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour.

    Estelle costanza

  • Mrs. Cunningham

    The mom that was always there when you needed her.

  • Lucy Ricardo

    We would have had some real “splainin’ to do” if we didn’t have Lucy Ricardo on this list.

    I love Lucy

  • Lois Wilkerson

    Strict and firm, but who wouldn’t be with a family like hers?

    lois wilkerson

  • Roseanne

    With all the laughter she gave us throughout the years, the least we could do is put her on this list.

    Roseanne bar

  • Carol Brady

    It would be blasphemous to leave this iconic sitcom mom off of this list.

  • Claire Dunphy

    Although she is very controlling of her family you can’t deny that her family is the most important thing to her.

  • Beverly Goldberg

    Truly a mom who does it all, not to mention while sporting some awesome 80’s wear.

    Goldberg mom

  • Ann Romano

    Raising two kids is tough, and to do it alone is even harder especially with well-timed comedic relief.

    ann romano

  • Carmela Soprano

    With a very “tell it how it is” type of attitude, I’m afraid we could not leave Carmela Soprano off this list (we are literally afraid). If you’re a big Sopranos fan check out our Sopranos Sites Tour.

    Carmela soprano

  • Peggy Bundy

    How could you leave Peggy off this list with her quit witted remarks and her “fashion sense”? (using that term very loosely).


  • “Kitty” Forman

    Who could forget that iconic laugh? or even her more than casual drinking habit?

    kitty foreman

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