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American Psycho is the critically acclaimed thriller with an impactful social commentary, and features many locations in East Village.  The film is all about status and wealth, and in many of the ramblings of Patrick Bateman or his associates, restaurants are mentioned that used to be popular when the film was released.

One of these locations is the Flamingo East on 2nd Ave btw. 13 & 14th. This is one of the earlier spots the group of vice presidents mentioned in the first scene in the movie. A common theme in the movie is “securing a reservation” as one of the primary pillars of status – and the group is always looking to get a spot at the best of NYC. While the club is currently Professor Thom’s, the location still has the callback from the film.

Another spot mentioned is 150 Wooster, in the final scene of the movie. More violently, one of Bateman’s associates mentions the location just before Bateman says “I’m not going anywhere unless we have a reservation”. The spot was located at 150 Wooster St btw. Houston & Prince, but is now replaced by a showroom.

East Village is also where the character of Patrick Bateman was originally written. Author of the book, Bret Easton Ellis, owned an apartment on 114 East 13th Street right near Union Square Park. In interviews he talked about how living in the area gave him a lot of inspiration for the character – though at the time the area was not nearly as high end as it is today.

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