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Following his time in prison, Jake’s first move is to reunite with his partner in crime, best friend, and brother Elwood. The two of them look to redeem themselves by saving the orphanage they grew up in. It is in risk of closing, and they think they can stop it, the only issue is the $5,000 they need to pay back taxes…

The two famous brothers are none other than Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. The two stars made the roles of Jake and Elwood iconic as they captured the musical, and wishful personalities of the brothers. Dan Aykroyd is also popularly known from his work in Ghostbusters, Trading Places, and Coneheads. John Belushi can also be seen in Animal House1941, Neighbors, and on Saturday Night Live!

The Blues brothers don’t need anything else as long as they have each other… and a crazy adventure on their hands. Running around Chicago, they find themselves in situations they never would’ve imagined. Go on it with them at:

  • The Bridge that they miraculously jump-. 95th Street Bridge; Chicago
  • The orphanage Jake and Elwood grew up in- 18th Street At Normal Avenue, Chicago
  • The church where Jake back flips down the alter -3235 E. 91st Street, Chicago
  • Where the brothers run the red light- -S. Cumberland Avenue And W. Talcott Road, Park Ridge
  • The Crazy Intersection-W. Talcott Road, Courtland Avenue And Devon Avenue, Park Ridge
  • Elwood’s Apartment and the site of the Old Plymouth Hotel- 22 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago
  • Mrs. Tarantino’s House-1623 S. 51st Court, Cicero
  • The Holiday Inn where they go to get the band together- 3801 Mannheim Road, Schiller Park
  • The Chez Paul Restaurant-660 N. Rush Street, Chicago
  • Soul Food Cafe-807 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago
  • Curl Up And Die Salon-8500 S. Burley Avenue, Chicago
  • Ray’s Music Exchange- 300 E. 47th Street, Chicago
  • Wrigley Field- 1060 W. Addison Street, Chicago
  • The Palace Hotel Ballroom- 7059 S. South Shore Drive, Chicago
  • The Motel- 28W721 Roosevelt Road, West Chicago
  • The Wine Bag Crashing Into The Lake- Universal Studios Backlot; Universal City