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In this 1985 comedy, Montgomery “Monty” Brewster (played by Richard Pryor) is a minor league baseball player who doesn’t quite have his act together.  After being involved in a bar fight, he ends up in jail and he is cut from the team.  At his hearing a mystery man appears in court and offers to pay his bail.  Soon, Monty is taken to a law office and informed that he is the sole heir of one of the richest men in the country, who just happens to be his long lost uncle. In his uncle’s last will and testament, it states that Monty must spend 30 millions dollars in 30 days, at the end of which, he will get 300 million dollars. However, there’s a catch.  At the end of 30 days he must not own anything. He also must not waste anything.  And, finally, he is not allowed to tell anybody what is going on, which leads to many people thinking he is simply a jerk.  Unfortunately, this includes the woman he is attracted to.  Adding another complication, two scheming lawyers who are handling the estate will get a big chunk of the money if Monty fails.

Richard Pryor has the starring role in this film.  Pryor was an influential comedian who was not afraid of controversy.  He was well known for questionable language in his routines.  Despite ups and downs in his personal life, Pryor was an accomplished actor and comedian.   He has won an Emmy, a Writers Guild of America award, and other noteworthy recognitions. Besides his many television stand up comedy appearances, Pryor also appeared in movies like The Wiz, Stir Crazy, andHarlem Nights.  Richard Pryor passed away in December of 2005.

The late John Candy plays Brewster’s friend, Spike Nolan.  Candy was an Emmy-award-winning Canadian actor who was known for playing teddy-bear-like funny characters.  He can be seen in such films as The Blues Brothers, Stripes, Splash, Summer Rental, Armed and Dangerous, Little Shop of Horrors, Home Alone, JFK, and Cool Runnings.

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