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Released in 2013, Greg Mottola’s Clear History is a comedy that will be sure to keep you laughing throughout. Nathan Flomm, a marketing executive, decides to walk away from a billion dollar fortune in a fit of rage. Living under a new name in an idyllic coastal town, life seems pretty good for him. That is until fate throws a curveball in the form of his former boss and archnemesis, Will Haney. A journey of revenge and redemption ensues, as Nathan navigates this new disruption.

Larry David wittingly plays the role of Nathan Flomm. His arch nemesis, Will Haney, is acted out by Jon Hamm. Kate Hudson assumes the character of Rhonda Haney, Will’s wife. Lastly, Danny McBride was casted as Nathan’s best friend, Frank.

The movie was primarily filmed in Massachusetts:

  • Many aerial shots of landscapes and towns were filmed on Martha’s Island.
  • The mansion scenes were shot at 440 Great Pond Road, North Andover.
  • Other scenes were shot at West Beach and North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly.

Some interesting facts:

  • Besides the aerial shots, the movie was not actually filmed on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • The movie’s soundtrack includes an original song, “Hannah”, performed by David Crosby.
  • This film includes a significant amount of improvisational comedy, allowing the cast to bring their comedic talents to set.