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In the genre of dramas, this film follows the life of Howard Inlet, a New York advertising executive. Shattered by personal tragedy, Howard writes letters to the abstract concepts of Love, Time, and Death as a coping mechanism. These letters unexpectedly lead to his encounters with people who personify these ideas. This film weaves a touching narrative that will leave you wondering the mysterious forces that shape life. Directed by David Frankel and released in 2016, the movie uncovers themes of love, loss, and the human spirit.

Will Smith brilliantly plays the role of Howard Inlet. His business partners and estranged friends, Whit Yardsham, Claire Wilson, and Simon Scott, are acted out by Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, and Michael Peña. Helen Mirren assumes the personification of “Death” as Brigitte. Keira Knightley was casted as the personification of “Love”, Amy. Lastly, Jacob Latimore portrays the personification of “Time” as Raffi.

The movie was primarily filmed in New York:

  • Howard’s apartment is located at 936 West End Avenue and West 106th Street, Manhattan.
  • Claire and Whit meet by Bergdorf Goodman (754 5th Avenue and West 58th Street, Manhattan) to discuss helping Howard.
  • The ad agency scenes were filmed at Wieden Kennedy, 150 Varick Street and Vandam Street, Manhattan.
  • The dinner scene between Howard and Amy was shot at Remedy Diner, 245 East Houston Street and Norfolk Street, Manhattan.
  • In one scene, Whit, Claire, and Simon meet at the Whitney Museum’s restaurant, Untitled.
  • The scene where Howard is sitting on a bench and Brigitte strikes a conversation with him was shot at Marion Hopkinson Playground.
  • The scene where Howard and Madeleine take a walk was filmed in Central Park.
  • Amy and Whit’s meeting outside the theater was shot in front of St. Ann’s Warehouse.

Some interesting facts:

  • Hugh Jackman was originally cast to play the role of Howard Inlet, but dropped due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Will Smith’s father was dying while he played this role. Smith mentioned how acting in the film was therapeutic in a way.
  • Alfonso Gomez-Rejon was originally supposed to direct this movie, but left over creative differences.