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Cruel Intentions is an American drama film based on the famous book Les Liaisons Dangereuses written by Pierre Choderlos de Larlos in 1782. The cast of the updated version includes Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Merteuil based on the Marquise de Merteuil, Ryan Phillippe as Sebastian Valmont based on the Viscount de Valmont and Reese Witherspoon as Annette Valmont based on Madame de Tourvel. The film was released in 1999 and despite the mixed critical reviews, the movie was a box office success with an earning of $75 million worldwide. Since the film takes place in New York, a lot of the sites from the movie are featured in the uptown centric When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour and the Central Park Walking Tour.

Filming locations include:

  • The Valmont Station, 2 East 79th Street and Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. This is the mansion where Kathryn and Sebastian live.
  • Central Park (South East Corner), where Kathryn and Cecile Caldwell (Selma Blair) kiss. Fun fact: the scene won an MTV Movie Awards for best kiss!
  • Madison Avenue and East 69th Street where Kathryn has a discussion with Cecile mother’s about the romance between Cecile and her music teacher.
  • Queensboro Bridge, East 59th (between Manhattan and Queens) where Sebastian drives his 1956 Jaguar convertible.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Avenue and East 82nd Street, Manhattan. During the night, Sebastian is seen on the stairs in front of the Met. Stop at the Met Steps on the When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour.
  • Queens Midtown Express Way, Queens. In the final scene, Annette drives away in Sebastian’s car with his journal.

* In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.