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For all the comedy enthusiasts out there, Shawn Levy’s 2010 film is the way to go. It follows the suburban couple, Phil and Claire Foster. In an attempt to rekindle the romance in their marriage, they go out for a fancy dinner. Things take a turn when they assume the identities of another couple in order to get a reservation. What starts out as an average date night quickly spirals into a wild escapade. From being mistaken for criminals to being chased in the streets of New York, this film will be sure to keep you laughing throughout.

Steve Carell wittingly plays the role of Phil Foster. His wife, Claire Foster, is acted out by Tina Fey. Jimmi Simpson assumes the character of Detective Armstrong, the first corrupt man chasing the couple. The second corrupt cop after the couple is Detective Collins, played out by Common. Mark Wahlberg was casted as Claire’s former client, Holbrooke Grant, whom the couples seeks out for security advice.

The movie was primarily filmed in New York:

  • Holbrooke’s apartment is located at 711 Greenwich Street and Charles Street, Manhattan.
  • In the midst of the couple’s escape, they pass through Times Square (Broadway, 7th Avenue, West 42nd and 47th Streets) Manhattan.
  • When the couple is escaping danger, they pass through the park, the High Line.
  • The museum in Upper Manhattan, called the Cloisters, is featured in a scene.
  • The part where the couple is on a boat was shot at Pier 40, along the Hudson River.

Some interesting facts:

  • This movie was a huge success, grossing over $152 million in the United States.
  • In the infamous car chase scene, Steve Carell and Tina Fey did many of their own stunts.
  • The outside of the gentleman’s club is the same building used for Paddy’s Pub in the show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.