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One choice could determine your whole life. When it becomes time to choose a “faction”, entering adulthood, Tris must decide wisely what he wants to commit to in his futuristic world. When she chooses “Dauntless”, pursuing a life of bravery, she is quick to find out she is a “Divergent” and must hide her status. She will never be confined to just one faction, but if news gets out, everyone she knows and loves will be in danger. Buckle up for the ride, and prepare for war.

Shailene Woodly as Tris is an iconic role. She brings the character to life in an action packed plot. Shailene furthers her career in many other films such as The Fault in Our Stars, To Catch a Killer, and Adrift! Her right hand man, Theo James made fans fall for him in the movie, and has since gone on to act in Allegiant and The Time Travelers Wife.

While most movies are filmed throughout a city, or even multiple cities, Divergent is quite unique. Almost the entire movie, including Tris’ house is filmed within a studio. Since their world doesn’t mirror what our society looks like, it all has to be drawn up by hand. It’s pure imagination and creation! Go choose your own faction at:

  • Cinespace Film Studios, 2521 West 15th Placs

The movies are incredible as is, but are even more impressive when you know that Theo James did all of his own stunts! He wanted to be dedicated to this role and make the script a reality for himself. Alternatively, Shailene Woodly actually turned down the role of Tris until Jennifer Lawrence later talked her into it. Even after the movies, there was talk of doing a potential spin off series, but Shailene was still not interested in doing so. Her, along with the rest of the cast could tell from the start that the movie and books would be wildly different too.