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This suspenseful film, directed by Martin Campbell and released in 2010, delves into the life of homicide detective, Thomas Craven. His world shatters when his daughter, Emma, is murdered at his house. What begins as a quest for justice soon turns into a pursuit for answers. David unravels a web of secrets his daughter left behind, filled with corporate coverups, government conspiracies, and personal vendettas. This film keeps you hooked from start to finish and leaves you questioning the blurred lines between justice and revenge.

Mel Gibson masterfully plays the role of Thomas Craven. His daughter, Emma, is acted out by Bojana Novakovic. Shawn Roberts assumes the character of David Burnham, Emma’s boyfriend. Caterina Scorsone was casted as Melissa, Emma’s friend. Lastly, Ray Winstone portrayed the part of Darius Jedburgh, an operative sent to cover up the murder.

The movie was primarily filmed in Boston:

  • Thomas Craven’s home was filmed at 68 Bradfield Ave, Boston.
  • The crash scene was shot at 1400-1360 Washington St, Boston.
  • The courthouse is located at 99 Main St, Northampton.

Some interesting facts:

  • This film was based on the award winning British miniseries, Edge of Darkness (1985), written by Troy Kennedy Martin.
  • Robert De Niro was originally supposed to play the role of Darius Jedburgh, but dropped out after a few days on set.
  • The director, Martin Campbell, also directed episodes of the original show this movie is based on.