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Hair is based on the cult Broadway musical of the 60s.  It takes place in New York City during the Vietnam War, during America’s “hippie” period.  It tells a story about Claude (played by John Savage), a young man from Oklahoma who comes to New York City. He strikes up a friendship with a group of hippies on his way to the army induction center and they introduce him to their lifestyle.  They are led by a young man named George Berger (Treat Williams).  He introduces Claude to a wealthy girl named Sheila Franklin (Beverly D’Angelo), and the two fall for each other.

However, their good times are cut short when Claude is drafted and goes off to boot camp in Nevada.  The crew jumps into action and do what they can to rescue Claude from a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Star John Savage is an actor, producer, composer and production manager.  He has been in tons of films throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s such as The Killing Kind, Beauty and the Beast, Do the Right thing, The Godfather: Part III, Summer of Sam, Burning Down the House, The Drop, and many more.

Treat Williams, whose real name is Richard, plays Berger, and is a three time Golden Globe nominee.  He has been in movies like Marathon Man, 1941, A Streetcar Named Desire, Sweet Lies, Miss Congeniality II, and What Happens in Vegas.

On the Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour, you’ll get a look at several locations from the film, including Bethesda Fountain and the Naumburg Bandshell, where the hippies slept at night.

* In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.