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It’s a sunny day in Chicago and Rob Gordon is selling his Vinyl’s in his failing record shop once again. While he loves his music, it is simply not enough for him when his girlfriend Laura leaves him. He knows he should pursue romance but finds out that adulthood is not what he expected it to be. His past relationships are revisited as he cruises through life on pop culture.

The one and only John Cusack is the star of high fidelity as he plays Rob Gordon, the brokenhearted protagonist. John is supported in his role by his as well renowned co-stars Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, and Iben Hjejle. Jack Black is known for his appearances in School of Rock, Super Mario Bros, Jumanji, Kung Fu Panda, and Goosebumps. This group of actors bring the perfect combination of comedy, empathy, and struggles to the screen. There’s no group quite like this.

Put yourself out there, and take a risk with Rob. While nobody likes rejection, time and time again he looks to find his end game. Go visit his home base and get a glimpse into the life of the hopeless romantic!

  • Rob’s high school is Lane Technical High School, 2501 West Addison Street
  • waits on the Armitage Street Station for a train to work
  • High Fidelity location: Rob sees Marie De Salle: Soiree Bar Lounge, 2438 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago
  • He sees a movie with Rejection No.2, film critic Penny, at the Music Box Theatre, 3733 North Southport Ave.
  • High Fidelity location: the jazz club: Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, North Broadway Avenue, Chicago

If you know your music, you’re definitely in for a treat with this movie! Did you know not one, not ten, but 66 real artists are named throughout the movie? You may recall some of your favorites such as Elton John, Nirvana, Stevie Wonder, Green Day, or even Fleetwood Mac! Not only this, you’d be surprised that such a pivotal character in the plot, Tim Robbins, is collectively only in the movie for 2 minutes and 50 seconds! That’s not even a full 3 minutes!