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Picture this, you’re alone in New York City with your parents credit card; doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend a vacation right? Except trouble always seems to find Kevin McCallister. In the classic holiday movie, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) finds himself in a familiar situation.

In a dash through the airport, Kevin finds himself separated from his family during the holiday season! Not to worry because he’s got the AMEX and he’s ready to make New York’s most famous sites his playground. But robbers Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern) are at it again, determined to thwart Christmas and Kevin’s fun. See sites from Home Alone 2 on the NYC TV & Movie Tour, the Holiday Lights & Movie Sites Tour, and the Central Park TV & Movie Sites Walking Tour.

NYC Filming Locations in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


The Plaza Hotel: Kevin’s first stop on his New York adventure is the famous Plaza Hotel. The only hotel Kevin knows the name of is one of the cities most recognizable landmarks, and also one of the most expensive. What’s bad for dad’s credit is good for Kevin though, who quickly adapts to the “suite life” (Get it!?). The Plaza has been featured in many other movies including Barefoot in the Park, Big Business, Almost Famous, American Hustle. Located across from Central Park and Grand Army Plaza this is the perfect spot for their troubles to ensue!

FAO Schwarz: Lucky for Kevin Duncan’s Toy Chest, based on the famous toy store featured in Home Alone 2 FAO Schwarz (now closed), was just across Fifth Avenue from The Plaza. This was the oldest toy store in America and this larger-than-life shop certainly upheld its reputation. Many celebrities, including Katie Holmes, Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie, shopped there to enjoy the finest toys in town. But in Home Alone 2, “Duncan’s” is under threat from Marv and Harry. They hatch an evil plan to rob the store on Christmas Eve, and it’s up to Kevin to stop them.

Rockefeller Center: It wouldn’t be Christmas in New York without the infamous decorations and magnificent Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. In this Christmas wonderland, Kevin is reunited with his mother after thwarting Harry and Marv’s plan. The underground concourse features retail shops, great food, and an ice rink.

Central Park

Never let the cold, (or heat) discourage you from enjoying Central Park the way Kevin does. Like all New Yorkers Kevin needs his R & R and escapes to the largest oasis of nature in Manhattan. Full of interesting folks to have a chat with, it doesn’t take Kevin long to befriend a pigeon lady. Lucky for Kev she knows her way around and takes him to see a show atop Lincoln Center. Meanwhile across the park at Wollman Ice Skating Rink Marv steals a scarf and Harry plots their next crime.


Empire Diner: Only in New York, and possibly the circus, does Santa walk down the street on stilts. It’s down here on 10th Ave and West 22nd St in front of the Empire Diner where Mr. McCallister meets Mr. Claus. This famous diner would look familiar to any movie buff, as it’s also been featured in Men In Black IIManhattan, and TV shows such as Rescue Me, and Law and Order.

Battery Park

Located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island this land was previously a fortress for protecting the city. Luckily in Home Alone 2 New Yorkers can rely on Kevin McAllister to thwart those looking to do harm. It’s down here that Kev looks out at Lady Liberty and soaks in the awesomeness of his city adventure.

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