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Picture this, it’s Christmas time in Chicago, your family is getting ready for their big trip to Europe when you’re accidentally forgotten at home! When 8 year old Kevin McAllister realizes two con men, Harry Lime, and Marv Murchins are targeting his house, it is up to him to protect himself and save his home. Kevin, being his mischievous and playful self, sets up intricate booby traps throughout the house as a surprise for the intruders.

McCauley Culkin plays Kevin in Home Alone which sparked his career as a child. He starred in the movie’s sequel Home Alone 2 as well. The rest of the cast includes Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Kieran Kulkin, Catherine O’Hara, John Heard, and Devin Ratray.

Kevin and his house are the face of the movie with mind blowing traps. For such a young kid, Kevin’s home has the most extravagant, and detailed thought out plans implemented. Why not see where all this happened?

  • Hubbard Woods Pharmacy
  • 940 Green Bay Road
  • The Chicago Airport where Kevin’s family realizes they’ve left him behind!
  • Kevin’s House, the location for most of the movie, where the break in, and attempt to save the house happens- 671 Lincoln Avenue

What you didn’t know about Home Alone is that jaw droppingly, all the stunts were real. There were no special effects used, so whether it was the actors, or a stunt double, people experienced everything shown in the movie! Another surprising fact is that the most iconic scene with Kevin holding his hands on his face was not on purpose! He was directed to move his hands away from his face and then scream as one would do if aftershave burned, but everyone thought it was funny so they left it!