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a bird flying over a body of water with a city in the background

Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) is a young woman who struggles with low self-confidence and insecurity and it all gets worse when one day, she declines working as a receptionist because of her appearance.

Inspired by the movie Big, she wishes at a fountain to be beautiful, but nothing happens, except for the next day when she accidentally falls off her bike at SoulCycle, hits her head (hard), and loses consciousness. When she wakes up, something about her is different – her confidence.

Thanks to the accident, her self-image and confidence amazingly increase and she feels better than ever before, even though she looks exactly the same. She finds herself as the most beautiful woman on earth and everything that once would hold her back is now seamlessly easy.

The movie takes place in New York but most of the scenes are actually filmed in Boston and not in the Big Apple. Only a local would be able to tell the difference between the cities in the movie. However you can still spot some of the sites on the NYC TV & Movie Tour.

  • The scene where she falls off the SoulCycle bike is filmed at Legacy Place in Dedham, but it’s supposed to look like Soho.
  • Much of the film was shot around Union Park in Boston, only 10 minutes away from Boston Common and the Boston Movie Mile Tour.
  • St. John’s Church in Union Park was the place they parked their catering truck.
  • Renee works for Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams) as a receptionist. In the film, Avery’s office is in the Bank of America Tower on West 42nd Street in New York, a site on the NYC TV & Movie Tour.
  • On her way to work, Renee walks through Bryant Park, also in midtown New York.

Fun fact: Amy Schumer was nominated at the MTV Movie + TV Awards for Best Comedic Performance and at the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actress: Comedy.

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