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For all the history buffs out there, “National Treasure” is undoubtedly a beloved classic that has been a favorite for families and adventure enthusiasts alike. Released in 2004 and directed by Jon Turtletaub, this action-packed movie takes the audience on the thrilling quest of Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage), a historian dedicated to uncovering a secret treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers of the United States. Joining forces with fellow historian Dr. Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) and Riley Poole (Justin Bartha), they begin to cleverly decode clues and riddles concealing the location of the hidden treasure. A movie filled with historical mysteries, action, and puzzles, ‘National Treasure’ cements its status as a classic favorite that audiences have enjoyed for years and years to come.


  • While the movie takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of historical sites and landmarks, it was primarily filmed in the real-life settings of New York and Boston.
  • The Old North Church, located in Boston’s North End is where Benjamin’s father, Patrick Henry Gates (Jon Voight) deceives Ian Howe (Sean Bean) into believing that the next clue was within the church. It’s located at 193 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113.
  • Trinity Church, located at 74th Trinity Place and Rector Street, Manhattan, hosted a crucial scene where the characters are seen deciphering a map.
  • The scene showing Benjamin’s daring escape from the pursuing FBI agents was filmed aboard the renowned USS Intrepid, a battleship turned museum.

Interesting Facts:

  • The North End, where the Old North Church is located, is widely considered Boston’s Little Italy.
  • Both the director of the film, Jon Turtletaub and Nicholas Cage went to Beverly Hills High School in the late 1970s.
  • The hit film incorporated iconic historical sites from other locations, such as Trinity Church in New York City and Independence Hall in Philadelphia.