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“Pitch Perfect”, released in 2012, is a blend of comedy and music, following the journey of Beca Mitchell, a college freshman with a talent for mixing music. The story follows Beca, who reluctantly joins the all-female a capella group The Barden Bellas.

Anna Kendrick stars as Beca Mitchell, the film’s main character. Rebel Wilson plays the hilarious and unforgettable Fat Amy, while Skylar Astin portrays Jesse Swanson, Beca’s a cappella partner and love interest.

Filming Locations:

  • The film was shot on the stunning campus of Louisiana State University, which stands in for the fictional Barden University. Iconic locations include the Greek-style Amphitheater where a cappella auditions take place, the Student Union where the Bellas practice, and spirited outdoor tailgating scenes set at the University Quad.
  • In the finale when the Barden Bellas are competing at the final competition, there is a shot of the groups arriving at Lincoln Center. The Metropolitan
  • Opera House can be seen in the background as the characters walk outside on the Josie Robertson Plaza.

Fun Facts:

  • Anna Kendrick’s viral audition scene, featuring the song “Cups” and a plastic cup, became a viral sensation, with millions of people learning the cup routine and posting it online.
  • Director Jason Moore has an extensive background in musical theater, which ensured an authentic portrayal of a cappella competitions, adding authenticity to the story.
  • The movie was (kind of) based on a book. The book Pitch Perfect: The Quest for College a Cappella Glory was published, which inspired the film but the plot was very different.