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When Allen Bauer was a boy, he had a near-drowning experience due to his lack of swimming skills, but was luckily rescued by a young mermaid.  Allen and the Mermaid had an instant connection, which he later has trouble re-creating with any other woman.  Years later in a similar scenario, a now-adult Allen is again rescued by the same mermaid, and is instantly attracted to her.  This time, he loses his wallet and the mermaid recovers it.

In an attempt to return it, decides she is going to find him in New York.  When she comes ashore at Ellis Island, she is arrested for indecent exposure, being completely nude.   However, since she is wielding Allen’s wallet, Allen is called down to get her.  She goes to stay with him, eventually purchasing clothing from Bloomingdales, learning English, and acquiring the name “Madison,” inspired by Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  In the meantime, Allen quickly falls in love with her, not realizing she is the mermaid from his near-death experiences.

When a scientist proves to everyone that Madison is a mermaid, she is taken as a prisoner of science to be studied, and possibly dissected.  After an intricate rescue from the lab, and discovering that Allen can survive under water as long as he is with Madison, the two go to live together in an underwater kingdom.

The film stars Tom Hanks, who is a two-time Oscar winner with 52 other wins under his belt.  Hanks also starred in other famous films such as The DaVinci Code, Big, Sleepless in Seattle, Catch Me if You Can, Cast Away, You’ve Got Mail, and Charlie Wilson’s War.  Forrest Gump was nominated for 13 Oscars and won six of them.  It also won three Golden Globes. Locations from some of Tom Hank’s biggest films are featured on the NYC TV & Movie Tour and the When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour.

Daryl Hannah plays Madison.  A respected actress, Hannah has been in such films as Blade Runner, Wall Street, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Steel Magnolias, Grumpy Old Men, The Little Rascals, and Kill Bill.

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