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Ted is set in Boston, Massachusetts. Writer, producer, director, Seth MacFarlane said, by using an actual place to tell a completely unrealistic story, the setting is what brings a sense of realism. “Family Guy is set in Rhode Island because that’s one more thing that helps lend reality to something that’s out there, and with this movie we took the same tact and set it in Boston.”

Co-producer Jason Clark adds, “We didn’t want to create an inauthentic, unnamed urban locale. We wanted to play out in a very specific location, which is what we delivered with Boston.”

Ted Filming Locations

Fenway Park
It was the filmmakers’ goal to find an iconic location to film the final chase scene of the film. They were thrilled when Boston Red Sox organization agreed to allow filming to take place at Fenway Park, the famous baseball stadium that opened in 1912. The secret is that the giant lighting tower that Ted and Donny (Giovanni Ribisi) climbed was actually reproduced on a stage!

The Hatch Shell
The Hatch Shell is a well-known concert venue, located along the Charles River, near downtown Boston. This is where Rex (Joel McHale) takes Lori (Mila Kunis) to a Norah Jones concert and Ted convinces Norah to allow John (Mark Wahlberg) to perform a song on stage in an effort to win Lori back.

New England Aquarium
John breaks the news to Ted that he’s going to have to move out of their apartment, while strolling amid Boston’s marine life at the New England Aquarium.

Boston Public Gardens
The beautiful Boston Public Gardens, located in the heart of Boston is the location used when Ted and John are trying to get high when the creepy character, Donny and his unpleasant son interrupt them.

Chandler Street
The exteriors shots of Lori and John’s apartment were shot on Chandler St., in Boston’s Back Bay. The interior of the apartment was built on a sound stage.

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe
After Ted persuades Lori to give John another chance, Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe on 429 Columbus Avenue in the Back Bay of Boston, is the location used for the couple’s reunion.

Union United Methodist Church
485 Columbus Avenue, in the Back Bay of Boston is the location of the Union United Methodist Church and the filming location chosen for John and Lori’s wedding.

Gaslight Brasserie
At 560 Harrison Ave, in Boston’s South End is The Gaslight Brasserie, the restaurant that set the sequence for John and Lori’s disastrous double date with Ted and Tami-lynn.

Sorellina Restaurant
The Sorellina Restaurant, located at 1 Huntington Avenue in Boston, was the location used as the fancy restaurant, “Ciao Baby’s” that John takes Lori to for their anniversary.

Venu, located at 100 Warrenton St., is one of the hottest nightclubs in Boston and the filming location used to film the flashback sequence when John and Lori met.

Somerville Theatre
Somerville Theatre can be found just outside the city of Boston, at 55 Davis Square, Somerville, MA. The theatre’s exterior was used to set the scene, where Ted and John waiting in line dressed as Yoda and Darth Maul, anxiously awaiting the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 1.

Route 1 Miniature Golf
Just north of the city, John, Lori and Ted played mini golf on location at the Route 1 Miniature Golf Course located at 1575 Broadway in Saugus, Ma. The course is known for it’s giant orange dinosaur, which can be seen from the highway.

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