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How long would you stay in a toxic relationship? What would push you over the edge to finally break up with someone? Well if you’re wondering how long it took for Gary Grabowski and Brooke Meyers to break up, the answer is too long! The only issue is, who has to move out? When neither will, their friends go to extreme lengths to get someone to simply give in. Ultimately, they do the one solution left, the only logical thing, be roommates. This isn’t smooth sailing though, they go through plenty of ups and downs as they never quite get their post-breakup “space”.

Jennifer Anniston is known for her comedic and personable character in countless movies, and she does it again in The Break Up. She is someone people can relate to, but also admire. Whether it’s in The Break Up, Just Go With It, Murder Mystery, We’re the Millers, or anything else, we can always count on her for a show stopping performance. She makes us laugh again and again with Vince Vaughn. Vince is known for his other famous parts in Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, The Internship, and Freaky.

Love stories are never simple. With a whirlwind of a romance, Gary and Brooke find themselves still wanting to be together time and time again. With ups and downs, they still make for a good time. Throughout Chicago, they visit many places that you can too!

  • The couple first meets at a baseball game at Wrigley Field- 1060 W. Addison Street, Chicago
  • Gary goes on a Tour- 450 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago
  • They end up going to a rambunctious concert- 4750 N. Broadway Street, Chicago
  • Gary and Brooke go bowling- 2648 W. Fullerton Avenue, Chicago

You would not believe the lengths the actors made to make The Break Up come to life. Vince Vaugh became his character as he gained 26 pounds in real life for the movie! Additionally, his parents were both featured, playing tourists and Brooke’s father. This wasn’t the only family to have influence though! Jennifer’s godfather, Salavas’ catchphrase was always “Who loves ya baby”, and it was sure to be included whenever she looked at herself in the mirror during the movie!