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Released in 2009, Anne Fletcher’s The Proposal is a romantic comedy that will be sure to keep you laughing throughout. Margaret Tate, the editor at a New York publisher, faces deportation to Canada because her visa has expired. However, she devises a scheme for her assistant, Andrew Paxton, to be her new fiancé. Plans may fall to shambles when an INS agent is onto them for fraud. From Margaret and Andrew hating each other to actually liking one another, this movie takes you through the hilarious dynamics of this setup.

Sandra Bullock amusingly plays the role of Margaret Tate. Her assistant, Andrew Paxton, is acted out by Ryan Reynolds. Andrew’s family member, Grandma Annie, is portrayed by Betty White. Mary Steenburgen assumes the character of Grace Paxton, Andrew’s mother, while Craig T. Nelson acts as Joe Paxton, the father.

The movie was primarily filmed in Boston:

  • The shot of Margaret’s proposal took place in Rockport’s Business District.
  • The Paxton family home is located in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, at 5 Gales Point Road. This is also where the wedding scene takes place.
  • The boating scene and the grandma chanting in the woods scene was filmed in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.

Some interesting facts:

  • The movie got over 20 nominations through eight award shows.
  • Because the movie wasn’t actually filmed in Sitka, Alaska, the crew had to transform Rockport, Boston and even add in the snow conditions digitally.
  • Julia Roberts was initially supposed to play the role of Margaret Tate.