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The Super Tour of NYC

Heroes! Comics! More!

Cost: Adults $56 • Children $40

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Availability: Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays at 12pm. Runs daily at 12pm in July & August.

Tour Type: Bus (climate controlled)

Must be at least 6 years old to attend the tour.

Take this tour to see where your favorite comic book heroes from The Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Jessica Jones and more saved the day. This is a one-of-a-kind experience for comic book lovers, young and old. Whether you’re a Comic-Con regular or a casual fan, this tour will give you a behind-the-scenes look at many of the most amazing, fantastic, and incredible adventures on screen and from the comics.

On this guided sightseeing bus tour you will see over 40 NYC locations featured in your favorite super-powered TV shows and movies, all from the comfort of an indoor bus with AC in the summer and heat in the winter. So put on your capes and grab your shield as your tour guide leads you through the most filmed city in the world. This bus tour will run faster than a speeding bullet every Friday and Saturday at noon.

“Who doesn’t want to shlep around the city behind a guy in a cape holding Thor’s hammer over his head?” -BestMomintheUniverse

Tour Highlights
  • FLY to the NY Daily News Building used in Superman.
  • SWING into the Flatiron Building from the Spider-Man movies
  • SEE where the Battle of New York took place in The Avengers
  • SPOT the New York Stock Exchange where Batman fights Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
  • ZOOM past locations featured in The Defenders, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist
  • CATCH a glimpse of where Uncle Ben gives his famous catchphrase to Peter Parker in Spider-Man
  • SAVE New York City at the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island Ferry seen in X-Men and Spider-Man: Homecoming (Tickets to the Statue or Ferry not included)
Meeting Location

Near Times Square (exact location given at time of reservation)

Adult (Online Special)
Child (6-9) (Online Special)
Adult with Priority Boarding (Online Special)
Child with Priority Boarding (Online Special)
Midtown Manhattan

The adventure begins in the heart of New York City, Times Square. See where Spider-Man saves Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man and where he battles Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Recognize Stan Lee in one of his infamous cameos in Spider-Man 3. Marvel at the spot where Captain America discovers that he is in the present day in Captain America: The First Avenger and where The Incredible Hulk runs loose in The Incredible Hulk TV series!

Don’t miss the chance to take a drive down one of the most famous streets in the world and New York City. This street plays a pivotal role in some of your favorite TV shows and movies! See Hogarth’s office featured in Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Pass by the New York Public Library where Uncle Ben gives his famous piece of advice to Peter Parker in Spider-Man. Discover where the fictional Baxter Building resides in Fantastic Four. Be amazed by Grand Central Station, home to Lex Luthor’s lair in Superman: The Movie. Stop at the New York Daily News, the location of the Daily Planet in Superman: The Movie and get a peek at the Chrysler Building where Thor summons the power of Mjolnir in The Avengers and the Silver Surfer makes an escape in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Say hello to Norman Osborne’s home from the Spider-Man movies and spot the United Nations Headquarters from Superman: The Movie.

Park Avenue

One of the busiest streets in New York City is home to comic book history both on and off screen! Fly past where Batman was created, see where Doctor Strange and Mordo battle Kaecilius in the mind-bending Doctor Strange and where the Battle of New York featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Incredible Hulk took place in The Avengers.

Flatiron District and Union Square

The journey continues as you see the iconic Empire State Building, used in Spider-Man and Superman: The Movie. Hop off and take a photo in front of the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park, home to the Daily Bugle from the Spider-Man movies. Swing by where Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy go on a date in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and where Jessica Jones investigates a shady suspect in Jessica Jones.

Lower East Side/Chinatown

You’ll drive through two of NYC’s most unique and cultured neighborhoods. Moving through the Lower East Side, see where Doc Ock’s laboratory is in Spider-Man 2 and where Peter Parker lives in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. Drive through Chinatown where Danny Rand fights for his life in Iron Fist.

City Hall/Financial District

See the historical buildings of the Financial District where Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Jeri Hogarth defend their clients in court in Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Spot Bruce Wayne in front of the New York County Surrogate Court in Batman Forever and where Batman has his climactic fight with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Discover where Danny Rand meets Colleen Wing in Iron Fist and where the Gotham City Police Department is in Gotham.

Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

End your journey with The Super Tour of NYC at Lady Liberty herself, seen in X-Men and Superman: The Movie. You’ll have the opportunity to take photos, grab a bite, and marvel at the greatest city in the world. After the tour, hop on the Staten Island Ferry which Spider-Man tries to hold together in Spider-Man: Homecoming or visit Ellis Island, a historic landmark used in X-Men. Up, up, and away!

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* In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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