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It’s been said time and again; New Yorkers love to embrace the fall. Many people take this time to get out of town and enjoy the beautiful foliage. But for those who may not have the time (or cash) for these excursions, there are some beautiful spots and amazing activities right here in New York City to get your fall-fix.

Central Park
This spot may signify “classic” New York, but it’s also one of the best spots to escape the metropolis and submerge oneself in the fall spirit. The green oasis of summertime turns into a multicolored wonderland, blanketing the ground in red, orange and yellow leaves galore. Soak in the beauty while sipping a pumpkin spice latte and hop on the Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour. Don’t miss the chance to see Central Park in the fall, because come December that’s not a trek you’ll likely want to take!


Inwood Hill Park
Speaking of a trek, Inwood might seem a bit far. However, it’s still within the boundaries of Manhattan and offers the largest stretch of natural forest left on the island.  Activities include canoeing, camping and hiking, making it the perfect place to “rough it” without actually hauling up a mountain. Fun Fact: Shorakkopoch Rock marks the place of Manhattan’s cheapest real estate transaction. It’s where Peter Minuit purchased the entire island for approximately $24.

West Village
Cobble stone streets, brick facades covered in yellowing vines and morphing trees line the streets in this old-school side of town. Rent a bike at Hudson Urban Bicycles to ride off the grid, literally, into NYC’s only non-grid neighborhood. You can easily spend a day lost in the beauty of this old-world charm.

Riverside Park
For a long stretch of foliage fun, Riverside is the place to explore. For 86 blocks the city disappears behind the vibrant tree line leaving only you and the Hudson River (and New Jersey across the way). There are plenty of open-air art exhibits and events occurring throughout the month that could be the cherry-on-top to an afternoon spent wandering this huge park.

Highbridge Park
Yes, another trek uptown, but for anyone even slightly interested in New York history this is a must see. It’s here where New York’s oldest standing bridge and the High Bridge Water Tower have stood over the changing seasons for 150 years. The bridge reopens this year, providing a walkway between boroughs while overlooking the magnificent cliffs and unusual geologic makeup of this piece of history. There are many recreational areas making this the ideal place for a romantic picnic.