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Combine our New York tours with the Make A Movie Workshop to complete the experience. Perfect for team outings, corporate groups and all student groups, including Media, Performing Arts and Film Students!

New York City offers endless opportunities – after all, it is the most filmed city in the world. To find success, it’s important to make the most of behind-the-camera time while learning what locations work best on screen. On Location Tours combines these two elements of film study into an unforgettable New York experience. The interactive Make a Movie workshop develops professional skills, while a one-of-a-kind tour throughout the Big Apple builds on these skills in real-time.

The best way to learn what works and what won’t is seeing for yourself on our NYC Tours. Featuring sites from Friends, The Amazing Spider-Man, Enchanted, Gossip Girl and lots more, groups will see first-hand what it takes to make a hit.

The 3-hour Make A Movie Workshop puts groups behind the camera and provides an introduction to the filmmaking process with focus on directing, shooting and lighting skills. This one-of-a-kind program has become a very popular group activity as it is both educational and interactive. Groups will act, handle the camera equipment and learn editing technology while producing and filming a mini-movie during which they re-create a scene from a famous TV-show! Each group will receive a link to the film they produce.

The workshop allows groups to film in a studio and out on the streets of New York City making this an unforgettable experience in the most filmed city in the world.

For more information, watch the videos below!  The first video is a student group doing the workshop and the second video is a corporate group. Email or call 212-683-6042 for booking inquiries. The Make A Movie Workshop is available in the evenings as well.