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“Friends” 20th Anniversary Celebration

On September 22nd, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the initial broadcast of the fan-favorite TV show Friends. To mark this occasion, we’ve partnered with TrivWorks, NYC’s live trivia event professionals, to offer a special contest for all Friends enthusiasts!

Starting on Monday, September 1st, a weekly Friends trivia challenge will be published at NOON EST on the TrivWorks website – the first two people to respond correctly will win a pair of tickets each to our New York TV & Movie Sites Tour where you’ll pass by Chandler’s work building and stop at the Friends building for a photo-op!

Be sure to follow @OnLocationTours and @TrivWorks on Twitter in order to see the contest the moment it is published!

(Heads up: we will soon be giving away tickets to TrivWorks’ upcoming Tarantino Trivia Night, being held at The Bell House on October 14th –  the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction’s release. Stay tuned!)