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March 27th is right around the corner, which means the Oscars are coming soon! Spider Man: No Way Home and West Side Story are both up for nominations. Spider Man was partially filmed in NYC, and there are many note-worthy sites featured in the movie. In the film, Spider-Man himself went to the Midtown School of Science and Technology, a high school in Queens, NY. While Spider-Man and MJ are being hunted by the police, they are found atop of the Queensboro Bridge – a famous bridge rising above the East River in NYC. This same duo is found in Penn Station as they are being attacked by an angry group, and at Franklin K Lane Educational Campus, a school in Brooklyn. As for West Side Story, a few scenes were filmed in a location that is on the verge of being destroyed in order to prepare for the development of the Lincoln Center Urban Renewal Project on West 68th street. Lots of scenes were also filmed in Queens, Harlem, and Paterson, New Jersey. It will be very interesting to see which film receives an Oscar – it would simply make sense if NYC was the location in which an Oscar winning movie was filmed!

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