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With the Oscars just around the corner this weekend, it’s exciting to see which of the nominations have scenes filmed in Boston! Don’t Look Up was filmed in Mass, right around Boston and Weymouth, and Free Guy was filmed in Boston. Apparently in Don’t Look Up, Massachusetts served as a replacement filming location for New York and Hawaii. The execution was very favorable in the film from start to finish! The iconic political rally scene was filmed at Battleship Cove, where President Jane Orlean stood in front of the crowd hoping to make the nation whole again with a presentation of fireworks. Westover Air Reserve Base was also featured in the film, which must’ve taken intricate planning to include. As for Free Guy, the majority of the movie was filmed in Boston’s Financial District – specifically Liberty Square. The former Naval Air Station, Framingham Savings Bank, Fan Pier Park, Paramount Picture Studios, and Post Office Square were also included in scenes in the movie. Free Guy and Don’t Look Up both used a large variety of locations in Boston, and it’ll be exciting to see which Boston-located films will be awarded an Oscar on March 27th! Will you be tuning in?

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