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It’s been 20 years since Sex And The City first graced our TV screens and inspired the fashionista in all of us. In celebration of Sex And The City’s 20 year anniversary, we’re talking about our top 20 fashion moments from the show.


  1. Samantha’s Spikey Shoulder Pads – Samantha transitioned her daytime red skirt suit into a nighttime look by adding a pair of spiked, bejeweled shoulder pads with chains.
  2. Carrie’s Naked Dress – Called the “Naked Dress” because it leaves little to the imagination, Carrie wore it on her first date with Big.
  3. The Tutu – In the show’s opening credits, Carrie is seen walking down a New York City street in a pink tank top and white tutu when she gets splashed by a bus that bears her face on its side.
  4. Manolo Blahnik – He is Carrie’s favorite shoe designer, though I’d stay away from purchasing Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals if I were Carrie. They have a nasty habit of getting away from her, as you’ll see later in this list.
  5. Carrie’s “Carrie Necklace” – Sex And The City single-handedly caused the resurgence in popularity for nameplate necklaces. Carrie was heartbroken when she lost the necklace in Season 6.
  6. The Black Crown – Carrie famously wore a black Dior tuxedo and a $450 black headpiece by Triviál when she served as Best Man at Stanford Blatch’s wedding.
  7. Miranda’s Fashion Foresight – Miranda’s signature style mostly consisted of business suits inspired by menswear. Miranda’s sense of style was years ahead of her time, especially considering how trendy androgynous fashion is today.
  8. Carrie’s Runway Fall – Wearing a pair of nude, jewel-encrusted panties and a sapphire Dolce & Gabbana belted trench coat, Carrie fell flat on her face while walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. Heidi Klum memorably stepped over Carrie like nothing happened at all.
  9. Carrie’s Parisian Outfit – Carrie’s black and white striped Sonia Rykiel top and skirt that she wore in Paris in Season 6 is a fan-favorite.
  10. When Carrie Got Stood Up – Carrie was wearing the massive gray-green Versace gown when she was stood up by Petrovsky.
  11. Samantha’s Pink Suit – The shocking pink Chanel pantsuit worn by Samantha, sans shirt, is bold, sophisticated and sexy all at the same time – just like Samantha.
  12. Miranda Wears Gaultier – The long, pop-art inspired Gaultier dress with leather accents is one of the trendiest pieces Miranda wore on the show.
  13. Carrie Gets Mugged – When Carrie gets mugged, the mugger demands her Manolo Blahniks by name. Carrie begs the mugger not to take her favorite red strappy high-heeled sandals, but ultimately gives him the shoes and is left standing barefoot.
  14. Carrie’s Fashion Faux Pas – While on a shopping trip in Los Angeles, Carrie is mortified when she realizes she has two different shoes on. One of Carrie’s shoes was red and the other was blue. How does that even happen?
  15. The Urban Shoe Myth – While in the Vogue closet, Carrie is floored when she discovers a pair of Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Jane pumps.
  16. Carrie Gets Shoe Shamed – In “A Woman’s Right To Shoes,” Carrie’s silver strappy Manolo Blahnik sandals are stolen from a friend’s doorway during a party. See what I mean about the Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals? The friend tells Carrie that spending so much on a pair of shoes is irresponsible and wasteful. Some people just have no appreciation for the finer things in life!
  17. Charlotte Evokes Elizabeth Taylor – After suffering a miscarriage, Charlotte takes inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor and steps out in that exquisite pink dress with black belt.
  18. Samantha Flips Her Wig – Samantha is invited to speak at a breast cancer event. During her speech, Samantha gets hot flashes from her radiation and takes her wig off. She gives a speech about the harsh realities of cancer. Most of the ladies in the audience take their wigs off in solidarity.
  19. That newsprint Dior dress – Worn in Season 3 by Carrie, the dress was so popular that she wore it again in the second Sex And The City movie.
  20. Big Proposes To Carrie – Big proves he knows the true way to Carrie’s heart. Instead of proposing with an engagement ring, Big kneels on one knee and slips a royal blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pump onto Carrie’s foot. Thank goodness he didn’t propose with a strappy sandal!


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