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10 Must-See Live TV Show Tapings in NYC

Have you ever wondered where your favorite talk shows get their audiences? You might assume that getting to see Jimmy Fallon live or being part of a Rachael Ray gift giveaway costs a pretty penny, right? Wrong! These shows are filmed live in New York City and offer free public tickets to tapings.  Check out how to get tickets to 10 of the hottest live-taped shows in town below. You might see your favorite daytime and late night hosts in person before you know it! 1. Saturday Night Live (30 Rockefeller Plaza at 48th St)- Tickets are given away via lottery by sending your contact information to [email protected] in August. But if you missed the cut off, don’t worry! Standby tickets for the 8pm dress rehearsal or 11:30pm live broadcast are given out Saturdays at 7am. Be prepared to camp…