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a group of people walking down a street in front of a brick buildingThe ex-movie superhero, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton), is aspiring to be in a Broadway production that he hopes will help out his career significantly. On opening night is upon us, one of the cast members is injured, which forces Riggan to hire a new actor (Edward Norton). This new actor is bound to create problems. Meanwhile, Riggan still has to deal with life outside of work with his girlfriend, daughter and ex-wife.

The movie was primarily filmed in New York City:

Some locations include:

  • The Rum House on 228 West 47th Street in Manhattan
  • St. James Rooftop on 246 West 44th Street in Manhattan
  • Times Square
  • 324 West 43rd Street in Manhattan
  • 43rd Street in Manhattan
  • St. James Theatre on 246 West 44th Street in Manhattan

Some interesting facts about the film include:

  • Emma Stone filmed the movie during a break from filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was also shot in New York.
  • The Times Square scene had to be shot after midnight to limit the amount of people standing in the background.
  • Margot Robbie was supposed to play the role of Sam, but ended up turning it down.


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