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A young teacher, Ben Wrightman (Jimmy Fallon), falls in love with a businesswoman, Lindsey Meeks (Drew Barrymore). Although the two begin to date, neither of them have much in common. Ben is completely obsessed with the Boston Red Sox,a dn once the baseball season starts, Ben gets himself into a sticky situation that involves choosing between his girlfriend or a big Red Sox game.

The film combines elements of romance, sports and comedy. The cast also includes Ione Skye, Jason Spevack, KaDee Strickland and Jack Kehler

  • The movie is primarily filmed in and around Boston.
  • Many scenes were shot at Fenway Park with scenes of the games and moments with the team and fans.
  • Boston Common is used as a backdrop for multiple romantic scenes throughout the film
  • Beacon Hill and South Boston were also used as backdrops for many scenes revolving around Ben’s love for the Red Sox.
  • The couple also walks along the Charles River Esplanade in one of the scenes.

Some interesting facts include that the film is based on a book written by British author, Nick Hornby. The scenes at the Red Sox games were real life events during the 2004 season. Several Red Sox players are featured in the film such as Johnny Damon, Jason Varitek and David Ortiz.


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