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Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan take on the role as two Boston private investigators. They are on the search for a four year old girl who was abducted from her single mothers apartment. The young girl disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Dorchester, Massachusetts. As the investigators dig through this case, they encounter deep lies, secrets and a community plagued by drugs, crimes and corruption. These circumstances make it very difficult for this case to be solved.

This movie was filmed in multiple locations throughout the Boston area:

  • The bar that was featured at the end of the movies was filmed at Murphy’s Law which is at 837 Summer Street in Boston.
  • The home where missing Amanda McCready was taken is 21 Pond Street in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  • Characters Kenzie and Gennaro are threatened at a bar on Hancock Street called Cataloni’s in Boston.
  • The old quarry where the young abducted girl was being exchanged for money is the Quincy Quarries in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The first day of filming, Amy Ryan’s character of being a working-class Dorchester mom was so convincing that a security guard would not let her on set. Ben Affleck also asked her where in Boston she was from, because her accent was so accurate. Amy Ryan won the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress.


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