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Iron Fist


Many people have a fear of being forgotten… but what happens when that fear becomes a reality? In Marvel’s Iron Fist, a young man named Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is next in line to own his parent’s billion dollar company. Sadly, at the age of ten, Danny and his parents are involved in a plane crash and he is left the sole survivor. Luckily, a group of Monks from a different dimension find Danny and teach him martial arts. During his training, Danny develops the Iron Fist, which can be used as a very powerful weapon. After 15 years, Danny decides to go back to New York and regain his life. Of course he faces many challenges along the way. He must prove that he is the real Danny Rand, learn how to run a company, and fight against those who want to steal his company, see him dead, or both.

Iron Fist himself Finn Jones is a British actor that is most commonly known for his role on the hit show Game of Thrones, where he plays Loras Tyrell. Jones attended Hayes School and took a three year acting course at the Arts Educational Schools. He has also starred in many British TV shows including Hollyoaks Later, Doctors, The Bill, and Doctor Who.

Like other Marvel shows in the Defenders universe Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Iron Fist is set in New York City. This means that many exterior shots were taken in the city along with filming, and you can see many of the sights from Iron Fist on The Super Tour of NYC.

Some places in NYC used in Iron Fist include:

  • In the very first episode of the series, Danny shows up at the Headquarters of his parent’s company, Rand Enterprise. The building is actually located in One Chase Manhattan Plaza at 28 Liberty Street, located right outside Gramercy Park, a featured stop on our Super Tour of NYC
  • While still new to the city, Danny is forced to find shelter on the streets. He decides to spend his first night sleeping in City Hall Park, located on Broadway and Chambers Street.
  • Danny visits Colleen (Jessica Henwick) at her Dojo in Chinatown. The Dojo is located near Manhattan Bridge at 47 Monroe Street.
  • Danny is finally given a temporary place to stay by his attorney, Jeryn Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). It is a presidential suite in the InterContinental Time Square Hotel.
  • This show has many fighting scenes, which seem to pair nicely with scenic backgrounds. One of those fighting scenes take place in Central Park in front of the Bethesda fountain and terrace, which can be visited in our Central Park Walking Tour.
  • At the Bank of America Financial Center, Danny approaches Jeryn and they plot how to reclaim Rand Industries in the third episode of Season 1.
  • Danny and Jeryn also meet at Bryant Park in Midtown


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